Packing List for Girls

Packing List for Girls

12/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

Ladies, we all do it – spend just as much time obsessing over what to pack and what we’ll need and won’t need when we’re on holiday as we do researching and booking the actual trip.

You want to look your best on holiday and in those holiday snaps you’re sure to be sharing on Facebook and Twitter but you don’t want to overfill your suitcase with your entire repertoire of beauty products and clothes.

Pick one tone

Pick one tone, for example black, navy, cream, and make sure all your clothes fit within this tone. This will allow you to mix and match tops and bottoms without too much trouble and mean that you’ll be able to create quite a few different looks with just a few items of clothing. Ta-dah!

Working the monochrome look in India

Working the monochrome look in India

Bright accessories

If you’re sticking to one tone then you’ll probably want to take a few brightly coloured accessories to jazz your outfits up. How about a colour pop belt, some statement jewellery or a colourful handbag? Pick whatever suits you best and work it!


A sarong/wrap/stole/scarf (whatever you want to call it) is a great item to throw into the top of your suitcase. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be used as a cover up on the beach, a scarf if you’re feeling chilly, a pillow on the plane, a shoulder cover when visiting religious sites and much more. It’s the perfect versatile travel item.


This one might seem a little random but bear with me. I never travel without superglue and over the years I’ve put it to such good use.

I’ve fixed shoes that have begun falling apart after wandering countless miles through new places, fix luggage that’s falling apart after being thrown about during a journey and even to fix broken nails. Yes, you’re probably not meant to use superglue for that but it works really well!

First aid kit

This one isn’t specifically aimed at girls but it’s something I think everyone should travel with. Mine is filled with plasters, bandages, painkillers, oral re-hydration sachets and a thermometer. You might not need to use your first aid kit but if you do you’ll be very happy you included it as it’ll save you frantically trying to find the nearest chemist or doctors surgery. Better safe than sorry right?!

Solo Travel Safety

Solo Travel Safety

Solo Travel Safety

Do you really need all those shoes?!

Find yourself packing 5 pairs of shoes for a weekend away? Put down the shoes and step away from the suitcase!

Chances are you’ll only end up wearing two of those pairs of shoes and the rest will just be taking up all important space in your case.

I rarely travel with heels these days as I always find myself ditching them in favour of pretty flats that allow me to explore more without ending up in agony. Of course if I’m travelling somewhere particularly glamorous or going on a cruise holiday I’ll pack one pair of heels that go with everything.

So these are the packing rules I try to stick to. Do you have any other good ones to share?