Riding on the Marrakech Express

Riding on the Marrakech Express

04/05/2016 Off By tripsology

Marrakech in Morocco is one of the more popular tourist attractions on the north western African coast. Morocco is a country of famous places for many reasons, including Casablanca—well known for the Humphrey Bogart movie of the same name—and Fes—as in Fez hats.  At the northern-most point of Morocco itself lies Tangiers, another popular tourist destination, which is only a very short ferry journey from Gibraltar as an ideal day trip.



There are obviously many hotels in Marrakech that many hundreds of tourists visit each year. tripsologists like a choice of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels to suit all budgets. A good 3 star hotel that should be considered is the Ryad Mogador which is located in the older part of town. It is comfortable and convenient with an in-house café and restaurant.

The Riad Jona is an exceptional hotel that has received rave reviews from many travellers. Prices are reasonable in comparison to other 4 star accommodations and the rooms are incredible.

If you are after 5 start accommodation you couldn’t do better than the Palmeraie Golf Palace and Resort. The resort has some exceptional views of the locality as well as the golf course and lake.  This luxury hotel also has a variety of shops and some fine dining experiences.



Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is a must-see when you visit Marrakech, with its dazzling interior décor and painted ceilings. The Marrakech Museum is also a worthy place for a visit. The eclectic collection of art and contemporary artefacts, as well as those dating back for centuries is some of the finest in the country and the world.  You might also have heard how great Morocco is for road trips and a definite must is the. Take the time for a drive a long this mountainous road and digest the stunning scenery.

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