What you Need to Know Before Travelling to India

What you Need to Know Before Travelling to India

13/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray
The crazy streets of Old Delhi

The crazy streets of Old Delhi

India is an incredible country to visit and it travelling to India can make for an amazing and unforgettable trip but there are definitely a few things you should know before you go. Here’s what I think are the most important ones…

Dress conservatively

It’s important in India, especially if you’re female, that you dress conservatively and don’t show too much skin.

Detailed Architecture of India

Ladies, keep your cleavage, legs and shoulders covered at all times and be sure to pack loose, light clothing that won’t cling to your body and also will keep you cool in the oppressive summer heat of India. You can find more information on what to pack for a trip to India as a female here.

Guys, long loose shorts and t-shirts are perfect for keeping covered and still feeling comfortable.

You might need jags

Make sure you have a look at what vaccinations and medications you might need well in advance of a trip to India.

If you’re in the UK then most vaccinations can be ordered through your local doctor’s surgery, however depending on their practices you may have to order these a few months in advance so it’s best to be properly prepared.

Some vaccinations also need to be administered a certain amount of time in advance of your trip too so it’s best to look into this sooner rather than later and if you’re a UK resident you’ll find this page is a good place to start.

Food safety

The water that comes from the taps in India is entirely different to the water that comes out of our taps here in the UK and it’s highly likely that any food washed in Indian tap water, such as fruit or salad, will give you a case of ‘Delhi belly’, so these are best avoided.  Obviously, don’t drink the tap water and ensure that any bottles of water you buy still have their seal intact.

As long as you follow those guidelines and don’t eat from anywhere that looks particularly unclean or suspect you’ll probably find that you’ll fall in love with Indian food, just like I did. It’s incomparable to the food served up in India restaurants and takeaways in the UK and it is a MILLION times better. The food was definitely one of my favourite things about my trip to India!

India will shock you

Be prepared to be shocked by India as no matter how many books you’ve read and TV programmes you’ve watched on the country it is completely different seeing it with your own eyes. You’ll witness abject poverty juxtaposed with wealthy areas and the economic disparity is incredibly obvious. Little children begging on the streets instead of going to school. Being stared at a lot is normal, especially if you are a woman no matter how conservatively you are dressed. You’ll see people defecating in the middle of the streets, on train tracks and many other places you’d never even think of.

India is a chaotic, confusing, shocking, beautiful and wonderful country all at once. It’s a place people say you either love it or hate it and if you’ve been before I’d love to know which side you’re on!