Shopping At the Queen Victoria Market In Melbourne

12/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

When I chose to travel Melbourne, I visited the Queen Victoria Market- a sprawling, busy, open-air market, selling everything from delicious fresh produce to clothes and handbags. Open every day except Monday and Wednesday, the market attracts visitors and locals alike, all of whom are keen to find good quality products at great prices. If you travel Melbourne this playground of shopping extravaganzas is certainly not one to be missed.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market

The markets themselves sold so much amazing food that, if I hadn’t been getting on a plane back to Perth that evening, I would definitely have bought loads. I placated my feelings of sadness at this by having a delicious breakfast in one of the cafes. In all the cafes here the food is fresh and, cheaper than you’d find elsewhere in the city for the same quality. Choose to travel Melbourne and you’ll be sure to find a good scrumptious bargain, there will certainly be mouth-watering cuisine for all manner of tastes.

My favourite part however, wasn’t actually the markets themselves, but the adorable independent boutique style shops that line the streets around the market. Therry Street in particular, had lots of shops selling locally designed and produced items and kitsch and quirky accessories. It was girl heaven! Travel to Melbourne and indulge yourself in an intoxicating display of original goods.

Pussycat Black in particular, appealed to me. Most of the products here are bought from local designers and are only made in small quantities, so you aren’t likely to pass people in the street wearing the same outfit, which is always a bonus!

Funky cash desk in Pussycat Black
Funky cash desk in Pussycat Black

Walking around the shop it was easy to see the pieces had been chosen for their quality, and the shop is meticulously designed to reflect that. I loved the antique wooden cash desk in Pussycat Black, much more interesting than a regular cash desk as it got me wondering where it had been used previously and what for.

I could have spent ages browsing in all these shops and spent hundreds of dollars on pretty things. Luckily for my bank balance my suitcase was full so I couldn’t buy anything.

Except a bracelet.

And shoes.

But that was all, honest!

If you enjoy browsing shops that don’t all have the same generic high-street layout and styles then Melbourne is definitely the place for you. If you’re searching for the perfect place for buying gifts for people at home, or just for treating yourself, travel Melbourne and you’ll certainly find all you need. I couldn’t recommend Melbourne highly enough for a shopping travel adventure, there will always be something unique and exciting waiting to be discovered. Travel Melbourne today and indulge yourself in a shopping ecstasy like no other.

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