Bali on a Budget

Bali on a Budget

08/08/2019 Off By tripsology

Can you really visit such an exotic paradise island on the cheap? Yes, you can. You don’t need to be the latest lucky euro millions winner to be able to see some of the most exciting and colourful places on the planet – although you can certainly do it in style if you are!

Bali – even the name sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Beach in Bali

This week we look at how to get to here without breaking the bank. We’ve got the lowdown on the best websites to book budget accommodation and where to look for the best deals on flights – in short, sites that do all the legwork for you.

The paradise island of Bali has been luring visitors for years and lots of tripsologists have told us how truly magical and inspirational it is but it must be seen to be believed. Is this the year that you finally go? With these money saving tips, there’s no reason not to…you could find that it costs less than you think.

Flights to Bali

Probably the most expensive part of your trip will be your plane ticket, so make sure you check out the best time to go and the cheapest fares available. We’ve found that comparing flights on sites such as ,  and  will save you loads of time and effort. You can see the cheapest months to fly and even what days are cheaper than others. At the time of writing, Tuesdays were the most cost effective days to travel, with Saturday being the dearest. You could also consider taking a flight with a couple of stops – it might take a bit longer but if saving money is top of the agenda, a few extra hours won’t matter and it adds to the adventure.

Rice Terrace Bali

Affordable Places to Stay in Bali

Sure, there are some jaw-droppingly gorgeous hotels and resorts in Bali but these usually come with heftier price tags and it is possible to stay in decent digs without paying silly money. Tripsologists have recommended these affordable, value for money hotels that they booked through

Ibis Styles Bali Legian

Bali Echo Beach

Hotel NEO +Kuta Legian

Another suggestion was looking at Bali by – we did and there were some good offers on value hotels. Just because it’s cheap in price, doesn’t always mean it’s going to be awful. Remember that Balinese hospitality is second to none and whether it has one star or five, you’re likely to be treated very well indeed.

Another way of booking affordable accommodation in Bali is to try out AirBnB. This has become very popular recently and you could end up bagging a real bargain.

Street festival in Bali

Cheap/Free Things to do in Bali

So, now that you know where to look for your best price flights and hotels, you’ll need to know what there is to do in Bali if you don’t want to splash too much cash. Well, you’re in luck because Bali is the kind of place where there are fascinating and fun things to do that won’t cost the earth. Here are just some of the activities that have been suggested by some of our travel-tastic tripsologists: –

  1. Take in the sights and smells of the bustling night markets. Okay, you might be tempting to part with a few Rupiahs on cheap souvenirs or clothes but if you just want to browse and soak up the atmosphere, you’ll still enjoy the experience. If you do decide to buy some stuff from the vendors, you can always barter over the price. Haggling can be fun but don’t overdo it – these guys rely on tourists spending money so don’t fall out over a few pennies.
  2. Experience local traditions and customs. There’s usually some sort of ritual or procession on the go that you can watch. Look out for Balinese festivals too – these colourful spectacles are usually free and offer the chance to witness the vibrant culture of Bali. They’re also great opportunities for taking some amazing pictures to share on your socials or just create a beautiful album of memories to show off when you get back home.
  3. Wander through the Tegallalang rice terraces and admire the impressive rice paddies and irrigation systems. Nature lovers especially will enjoy a trip here.
  4. Beaches – wow! There are some amazing beaches for you to enjoy and they won’t cost a thing. Soak up the sun, go for a paddle or simply stroll along the sand and let the sea air kiss your soul.
  5. Let’s get spiritual! You can’t go to Bali and not visit some of the dazzling temples. Being one of the most spiritual places on the planet, there are hundreds of sacred shrines and ornate temples dotted around. Remember these are holy places of worship so be sure to observe any dress codes and temple etiquette.
  6. See one of the most Instagrammed spots in the countryHandara Gate – it’s just awesome and often referred to as the ‘Gateway to Heaven’. There is a small charge for this.

handara gate

Cheap Eats

If you’ve come this far without blowing the budget, you may as well stick to your guns and continue your economy drive by eating out as cheaply as possible too.  A great way to eat well and save cash is to fuel up at ‘warungs’. These are small, usually family run eateries that serve up mouth-watering local dishes for a fraction of what you’d pay in international/western style restaurants. You must sample some of this food – or if you feel adventurous, grab some nosh from a vendor at the night market. Street Food is very popular here and very easy on the pocket too!

Bali Warung

Another tip we’ve come across from one of our tripsologists is that when in Bali you should try and avoid wine or spirits – apparently, they are super expensive. Maybe stick to local bottled beers.

Have you been to Bali on the cheap? What was your best budget find and why not share it with the tripsology community? Start a proper penny-pinching conversation with like-minded travellers!

Bali street market