First Holiday With Friends

First Holiday With Friends

12/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

There’s nothing quite like that first holiday away with friends; where fresh-faced crowds of rapturous party-goers flock in their hundreds to an ever expanding choice of low-cost destinations. With a sun-soaked cocktail of beaches, clubs, bars and scantily clad night owls, it’s easy to understand how many soon become intoxicated by this seemingly never-sleeping party culture. From Ibiza to Malia, the majority of us will have tales to tell of booze-filled nights; where debauchery and all manner of sins, more often than not, play an integral role…

Magaluf at Sunset

As a blissfully innocent school leaver, my first holiday abroad with friends was certainly an experience I will never forget. Magaluf was the destination of choice, where cheap drink, British pub grub and somewhat seedy accommodation awaited us. A familiar routine soon arose; mornings served as a recovery period from the night before, afternoons were spent cowering from the relentless Majorcan rays and nights, I won’t go into… With streets ablaze with ravenous dance worshipers  laughing gas and other enticements it’s often difficult to recall specific details in such flashes of ecstasy.

Regardless, the holiday played an important role in marking the transition to the next stage of our young lives. With many of us due to soon part ways – with sights set upon university courses, new jobs and other exciting ventures – the time spent tentatively exploring the Magaluf strip also served as a form of final farewell, a last hooray before taking the plunge into the next stage of our young lives. Consequently, a holiday rich in laughter, pranks and hilarity ensued, forming memories that I will cherish forever.

As such, with the Summer drawing to a close and many weary- eyed young holidaymakers returning in a much more delicate state than they embarked in, they can rest assured that it was time and money spent wisely.