Prague on a Budget

Prague on a Budget

04/09/2019 Off By Peigi MacVicar

Hold on to your pennies while visiting Prague, the Queen of music, history and beer.

Kingdom of Bohemia, The City of a Hundred Spires, Praha. Prague is not just overpriced tourist traps and stag do’s, it’s humble, warming food; affordable beer; unequalled history and the most magnificent combination of architecture, a lot of which can be experienced on a budget!

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Czech food is notoriously carby – which is great news for those who need to fill up quickly and cheaply! Goulash and dumplings are the staple must-haves and the least expensive time to enjoy them is between 11-2 when restaurants are offering their daily menus. Here are some examples of great authentic restaurants to visit in Downtown Prague;

  • Restaurace Mincovna offers fantastic daily meals from 11-2 for only 5-7 euros!
  • Havelská Koruna is one of the best for traditional Czech cuisine with a meal, soup and beer totalling just 7 euros at lunchtime.
  • Pivnice U Rudolfina is authentic with a great local atmosphere – an excellent thing to experience but also a reminder to act like a local, be polite and tip well as it’s very much appreciated!
  • Veganská Restaurace by Prague Castle is a trusty restaurant for vegan/vegetarian eaters as vegetarian options are not aplenty in most Czech restaurants and a meal amounts to around 7 euros!

Enough of the food – now on to one of Prague’s most important features… beer. The famed Staropramen, Kozel, Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Urquell are all native to the Czech Republic. They’re to be found in most pubs with an average price of about 1.30 for a half a litre glass of beer. To ask for one simply say “Privo, prosim” which means “beer, please.” Cheers!


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Prague is known as the Queen of Music and you’ll see why when you visit. Busker’s music floats through the streets and fills churches and venues throughout the city. Orchestra concerts are aplenty but on the pricier side so if you want to stick to a low budget vouch for admiring street music and cheaper gigs! It’s not all classical though, there are Jazz Clubs and Rock Bars all over which means there’s something for everyone! Another tip is to look up if you’ll be visiting during any local public holidays as quite often the museums are free on these days!

Puppet theatres are a huge feature in Prague and a show can be as cheap as £4 for adults and £2.70 for children! The main venues that host puppet shows are The National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbla & Hurvinek.


An image of music in Prague

There’s no arguing that simply walking around a city is the best way to find your bearings and see what you discover. The highlights are as such below;

  • Josefov – The Jewish Quarter is packed with museums, a Kafka sculpture and all sorts of architecture. Museums are closed on a Saturday, so if you’d just like to wander around head there on a Saturday to avoid crowds. There are also six beautiful synagogues to visit!
  • Prague Castle – Entry to the grounds are free in the Castle district and you can come away with the same experience without paying entry to the buildings (and avoid the queues).
  • Old Town Square – Untouched since the 10th Century the Old Town Square is the lively centre of Prague. Take a seat and admire the beautiful architecture, take in the music and enjoy alfresco dining. The Astronomical Clock performs every hour and is a great thing to see for free. Built during the fifteenth century it’s regarded as the best preserved medieval mechanical clock in the world!
  • Charles Bridge – simply walking across this bridge will be one of the most memorable experiences in Prague and at no cost. Wonderful!
  • Petřín Hill – The hill offers a wonderful view of the city and is one of the greenest spaces in Prague, take a picnic and enjoy some wholesome relaxation while admiring the city of spires.
  • Lennon Wall – pay homage to the Beatles on the Lennon Wall – a classic spot for an Insta post too!
  • Walking Tours – walking tours can be worth your pennies as you’ll learn so much from a local and get a good understanding of the area. Here are some to check out; New Europe: Prague Tour, Discover Prague Tours, Prague Extravaganza, United Europe Free Tours: Prague
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Accommodation in Prague is not badly priced at the best of times but during the off-season, you can find most places to be up to 40% cheaper! October to March are the quietest months which means fewer tourists and Christmas markets! Never rule out hostels if you’re on a budget, especially not in Prague. Quite often you’ll find a hostel room to be much nicer than the cheapest hotel rooms, even private rooms!

Prague is a fantastic destination for a weekend city break or a stop while travelling Europe, to truly discover Prague and its people you’d need a week but to get a taste of Czech life 2-3 days is perfect. Over this amount of time, you could expect to spend up to 200 euros but could do it in less or more depending on your budget. What are your Prague top tips?