How to Save Money For Travel

How to Save Money For Travel

16/05/2016 Off By tripsology

One of the major things that stops people from travelling and visiting the places they dream of is not having enough money to do so. The thought of trying to save hundreds of pounds to spend on travel can be daunting to many people.

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Saving money for travel can be easier than you think if you’re willing to make some short term sacrifices in order to reach your financial goal and eventually to travel. Some of the changes are small and so easy you probably won’t even notice you’re doing anything different until you see the extra cash stacking up in your bank account. Kaaachiiiing!

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One easy way you can save money is by taking your lunch to work rather than spending your hard earned cash on overpriced, bland sandwiches that aren’t even really that nutritious. If you take 5 minutes in the morning (or even the night before) to make a sandwich, make a salad, a pasta dish or pop some soup into a flask to take to work you’ll find you can save an extraordinary amount of money per month, all of which you can put towards travel.

Another easy way to cut back on your spending is to make your own coffee in the morning (or afternoon, whatever) rather than visiting Starbucks, Costa Coffee or any other equivalent. For example, if you spend £3 a day 5 days a week on coffee that’s a whopping £720 per year. Putting that into perspective that’s the equivalent cost of a flight from London to New Zealand!!

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A great way to save money and still have fun is to have nights in with your friends instead of out. Why not organise a ‘Come Dine with Me’ style series where one friend cooks and invites everyone round per month. You’ll save so much money on pricey restaurant meals and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

Cut back on the things you don’t need such as that gym membership you never use or the magazine you subscribe to but never read. Check if you could save money on your bills by switching energy providers, cutting back your mobile phone plan or your cinema membership. If you don’t use something enough to justify the expense then cancel it and save the money instead. You’ll thank yourself in the long run when you’re out there travelling the world.

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The area of the world where you’re travelling to will also determine how much money you’ll need and how far your money can get you. South East Asia and South America are two examples of areas of the world where the cost of living is far less expensive than in the UK or USA. Whilst the flights might cost a lot to begin with you’ll spend a lot less per day than you do in your home life and your money will stretch a lot further.

It always helps to remind yourself of your goal to so change your phone screensaver to that beach you’re dreaming of lying on or that view you’re dying to see. Keep your goals in full view and you’ll find it easier to work towards your goal.

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