Top 10 Tips for Cruise Travel

Top 10 Tips for Cruise Travel

30/10/2018 Off By Lori Cunningham

Cruising to me was always something my parents were interested in and it was one of their best-kept secrets…until now! I have taken the cruising-bug from my parents and I absolutely love it. I was apprehensive at first but knew I just had to do a bit of research, understand what goes on during a cruise and find the nearest sunbed if all else failed.

Before going away I made sure to explore all the different cruise types, as well as discovering all the different rules of a cruise line and the strict policies that had to be followed…who knew going on holidays would require this much prep? It was all worth it!

Here are a few of my top tips for a cruise holiday:

Choose the right cruising style

I could have easily picked the wrong cruise, there are just so many to choose from so it is really worth researching thoroughly before you book to make sure you know who your fellow passengers will be and what life onboard will be like! So make sure you find out the travel style of the cruise, the stop-off destinations and the type of cruisers that will be joining you.

Read the small print

Yes, we all find this boring but for a cruise it is definitely essential. Every cruise ship and providers around the world will have slightly different rules, which the small print will outline. These rules range from dress code to the tipping culture onboard. Tipping or gratuity fees are heavily debated for cruise ships, but necessary. These will either come as part of your ticket or you’ll need to pay them on top. It is important to know this before you depart so you can budget appropriately.

Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on

This is a good tip whether you’re travelling on land, sea or sky! You never know what will happen your luggage on the way and if you have a change of clothes and a few toiletries you can’t go wrong. It can save a trip from turning too disastrous!

Make a packing list…check it twice

Your packing list for a cruise will be a long one, making sure you are following the dress code as well as making the cabin your home for your time onboard.

Dress codes on ships are important and they vary quite a lot between the cruise lines, some are far more strict than others. Generally, you’ll have to comply with three different forms of dress code for evening meals:

Formal wear – evening dresses and tuxedos

Informal wear – cocktail dresses and suits (tie optional)

Casual wear – this is sometimes an option, less dressy than informal wear but no shorts allowed.

For your cabin: the cabins usually come with only a few sockets but (if your cruise line permits) you can bring a multi-socket plug for all your different device charging. On top of that make sure to bring some plug adapters – cruise ships usually use the American 2 pin system but check before boarding.

Check the weather before you go

A cruise around the Carribean sounds like an idyllic sun trap…but alas the weather on the water can’t always be perfect! So make sure you check the weather before you go and plan some backup outfits for a potential rainy day. Even if you miss the rain, it gets cold on board because of the sea air so make sure to bring layers.

Seasickness – expect the unexpected

Even if you’ve never been seasick before, you can never be sure. So come prepared with seasickness bands and tablets at your disposal – if you don’t need them then someone you meet might.

Make the most of port-days

Ideally, you’d get off at every destination but don’t exhaust yourself booking every possible excursion, sometimes exploring a place on your own is more of an adventure – as long as you board the boat in time before it departs!

Don’t forget to take in the views

Even on sea days there are amazing views to be seen, from the vastness of the ocean around you to the spectacular sunsets. Not forgetting the fact you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean at night, did someone say stargazing? This can be a pretty romantic and cheap night for you and your significant other.

Take advantage of what you’re paying for

Not everything has to have extra charges and expenses when you’re on a cruise – this is a common misconception because sometimes people don’t realise what they’ve actually paid for up front. So discover what you’ve paid for and make the most of it. You might be able to treat yourself to a spa treatment, on port-days they are usually discounted!

Don’t miss out on the onboard entertainment

I was sceptical at first about how good the onboard entertainment would be. I was afraid it might be too cheesy for me but I was completely wrong. The performers were so talented and the audience was in complete awe. I was able to see one of my favourite musical, Greece performed live. You can also enjoy poolside movie nights and so many more onboard activities. Some of them are definitely worth looking in to and spending some extra money on during your trip.