Dreamy Sorrento You Stole My Heart

Dreamy Sorrento You Stole My Heart

13/07/2017 Off By Deborah Welsh
Sorrento | Italy

You’re probably thinking it must have been good to write such a powerful title but let me tell you. Of all the places I’ve been to in Italy, and there have been a few, Sorrento was the first one to really touch my heart and leave a lasting impression on me. Sure, the other places have been amazing and each had a different flavour and I have genuinely loved them all but something about this place just captivated me and as I say, stole my heart. In fact, I think I left a little piece of it behind when I left for the airport.

Cafes in Tasso Square | Sorrento

This neck of the woods is Southern Italian culture at its best lively bars and atmospheric restaurants with noisy chatter from expressive and enthusiastic locals. Even though Sorrento has become pretty touristy and very popular with British holidaymakers, it still oozes charm and authenticity in its blend of traditional life and trendy, cosmopolitan vibe which hangs in the air.

Tasso Square | Sorrento

The bulk of the action is centred around Piazza Tasso, a busy thoroughfare which is the heart and soul of Sorrento. During the day, people are going about their business, going to work, shopping, travelling through by bus and car. However, as night falls it looks and feels quite different. Traffic is limited after dark and the square becomes a lively throng of pedestrians. The locals come out to play alongside holidaymakers and each of the bars is brought to life with happy people enjoying their evening with an aperitif or two. The town itself is so pretty; filled with colourful blooms in rustic terracotta pots which are dotted around the paths and doorways. Pavement cafes and quaint little shops line the maze of cobbled streets and all set against the most magnificent view I have ever seen.

Sorrento with Mt Vesuvius in the Distance

Sorrento is perched on a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples with the might Vesuvius out in the distance. This scene is truly spectacular, especially at dusk as the sun sets, casting waves of dazzling colours across the sky. The early evening light simply adds to the drama and romance of the setting, dazzling you with its magic, leaving you spellbound.

Positano | Amalfi Coast | Italy

Romance and dreamy evenings aside, Sorrento is also ideally placed for exploring the historical treasures of the whole Campania region. Local transport services will whisk you away to Positano, Amalfi and the famous island of Capri. As well as Capri, you can also take a boat trip over to Ischia an island famed for the healing properties of its thermal springs.

Capri | Italy

Capri was one of my favourite spots, despite it being pretty crowded with August holidaymakers. Day-trippers can explore the designer boutiques, cafes and bars whilst soaking up the atmosphere of this delightful place. Despite being so busy, Capri still exudes glamour and sophistication and you really must visit if you’re looking for a day out. Although you’d be forgiven for wanting to stay put.

Marina Grande | Sorrento | Italy

Speaking of staying put, I would love to recommend some hotels in Sorrento if you’re looking for guidance. We stayed in the Bristol, which sits quite high up on the hill leading away from the town, overlooking Marina Grande and the views were stupendous. Overall the hotel was of a really high standard.

Don’t be put off by the location, it’s around 800 meters from the town centre and we found the walk was ideal for burning off the rich, delicious dinners we enjoyed each night. Although HB is available in this hotel, we chose to eat out a lot. I would happily go back to the Bristol but during my stay some other hotels caught my eye and I’ve promised myself to go back and try one or two, if not all of them!

Other hotels on my radar for my next trip to Sorrento are:

We actually had a few drinks in the Hotel Bellevue Serene one evening and the views from the outdoor lounge were exceptional, as was the service. The surroundings and decor of this beautiful hotel were simply stunning really opulent and oozing style and sophistication. This is firmly on my hit list for my next holiday in Sorrento. Have a look and see for yourself…

We didn’t go into any of the other hotels but they all looked pretty dazzling from the outside but some of the people we met in the town were staying in them and they sounded pretty happy with their digs!

If you’ve been giving some thought to a holiday in Sorrento, I hope I’ve helped make your mind up. You won’t be disappointed and if it has the same effect on you as it had on me, you’ll be scanning the brochures and websites the minute you get back in order to book up again. I hope you take the time to post some pictures and maybe a review of your holiday I love to read about other people’s experiences of my favourite destinations and where Sorrento is concerned, it’s usually along the same lines. I think you might just enjoy your next break in this beautiful place.

Go on; let Sorrento seduce you.