From Here to Maternity…Top Babymoon Destinations

From Here to Maternity…Top Babymoon Destinations

24/06/2019 Off By Deborah Welsh

Pregnant and fed up? You need a babymoon.

Even if you didn’t know you needed a babymoon and maybe you didn’t even know this was a thing until now. Well, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest trend for mums and dads-to be and the best places to go – your last chance for some R&R…just the two of you (and bump!)

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What is a Babymoon?

Think of it as a romantic break as a couple before the madness and mayhem that a new born baby brings to your life. Soon-to-be parents can indulge in some relaxation and quality time together before that little bundle of joy arrives to change your life forever and the sleepless nights that lie ahead. A Babymoon is the opportunity to have a grown up, child-free holiday in your hotel/resort of choice before you have to plan your breaks with kids’ clubs and entertainment in mind as opposed to swish restaurants and luxury spa treatments. It’s also your last chance for a long lie! You can kiss those goodbye when your little one comes along.

When to go on your Babymoon…

Generally speaking, pregnant women start to feel less nauseous and tired in their second trimester so this is a good time to go, especially before you get too big to fit into anything other than a floaty kaftan. Joking aside, the third trimester might be riskier when labour is more likely at any time. Each airline has their own policy and you will need to check with your specific carrier on the latest dates you can travel. The airline may also require a letter from your GP or midwife stating that you’re fit for travel. Additionally, some insurers won’t be keen to cover you if there’s any medical risk so do check with your travel insurance provider on their cut off points for travelling during pregnancy.

Expectant women might also feel uncomfortable in the later stages too and travel might be the furthest thing from your mind. Pack comfy shoes and loose fitting clothes!

Baby Centre Uk has some good information for taking a holiday when you’re pregnant and NHS UK has all the latest advice to help you make informed decisions about where, when and how you go on your babymoon.  After all, you do have precious cargo on-board!

Where to go…

Common sense should tell you that some places and holiday types are not very practical and will be riskier than others. You’ll probably be looking for a nice relaxing spa hotel somewhere relatively close to home or at worst a short flight away. You can always go trekking in the jungle a few years down the line when baby flees the nest and goes off to Uni! You should also consider availability of healthcare in your destination of choice and how far the transfer from the airport will be for those inevitable toilet stops! In short, try not to go too far off the beaten track. You should also consider the serious risks of the Zika virus for pregnant women and many holiday hotspots might be off limits.

There’s no reason why you can’t take a long-haul trip but a 12-hour flight might not be the most comfortable experience but it’s down to personal choice at the end of the day.


Here’s our top Babymoon destinations that you can travel to with a little more peace of mind: –

Baby Moon Travel has a fabulous selection of pre-maternity breaks – all of them have the wow factor but these three caught our eye and we thought you might like to put them on your radar…


Here’s one for the fashionistas among you is offering the perfect trip for fashion-conscious mums to be. Step out with your personal shopper on a spending spree in Milan’s baby boutiques before heading back to the luxurious Westin Palace hotel to enjoy a relaxing massage and a candlelit dinner. Wow…

westin palace milan

Image courtesy of: Westin Palace Hotel, Italy


For a touch of super luxury, you could be heading to Gstaad Palace in the heart of the Bernese Alps for a high-end babymoon. Stunning location aside, this hotel has eight treatment rooms, a private spa suite as well as indoor and outdoor pools where you can let your cares float away as you relax in the magical ambience. Babymoon packages at Gstaad Palace are available from

Gstaad Palace

Image courtesy of: Gstaad Palace Hotel, Switzerland


Another tempting babymoon escape is The Lumiares Hotel & Spa in the beautiful city of Lisbon. You can enjoy a blissful break at this stylish boutique hotel in the Portuguese capital and besides being pampered you can also take in some of the historic sights and culture of Lisbon too. Bookable through

Lumiares Lisbon

Image courtesy of: Lumiares Hotel, Lisbon

UK Babymoon Packages with

Now for something a little closer to home if you really don’t want to fly. Load up the car and head to these two stunning resorts, right here in the UK. First up is the New Beginnings Babymoon Couples Break at Hatherley Manor in Gloucestershire which offers a pregnancy massage for mum-to-be and a treatment for dad-to-be as well – all in the comfort of a dual treatment room! How romantic. A mocktail and dinner are also included in the package.

Image courtesy of: Hatherley Manor Hotel

Another great option is the Little Butterfly Babymoon package at Bishopstrow House & Spa in Wiltshire where you can enjoy a pregnancy massage, full use of the spa facilities as well as dinner, bed and breakfast. Both these packages are only available to book with

Image courtesy of: Bishopstow House and Spa

There you have it – five fabulous suggestions for your well-deserved pre-baby getaway. Have you been on a babymoon before or you planning to go one now? Why not share your plans and inspire other tripsologists to book that special trip before the patter of tiny feet comes along?


*Do seek proper medical advice from your midwife and GP before booking a holiday and do check the current health and safety advice on the country you are travelling to.