Nakations – Would You Dare to Bare?

Nakations – Would You Dare to Bare?

31/01/2020 Off By Deborah Welsh

This week, I take a look at the increasing trend for naturist holidays – where you can peel off and embrace the joy of being naked without a care in the world.

If you’re on a mission to let go of your body hangs up on holiday this year, I’ve found some of the best places you can go to let it all hang out and be at one with nature. Yes, folks, ‘nakations’ is a thing.  You’ll have heard of the phrase ‘staycation’ where you stay in your home country instead of jetting off abroad. Well, now you can ‘nakation’ with like-minded holidaymakers who are so happy in their own skin they are happy to go about their business on a ‘clothing free’ basis.

naturists on the beach

Now, I have never tried this and I don’t think I’m ready to bare all in public but that’s my problem and more about how I feel about my wobbly bits and middle age spread rather than being judgemental or prudish.   I think it’s brilliant if you can go ‘au naturel’.  For now, though, it’s just not for me. Besides, over the years I have spent a king’s ransom on so called flattering swimwear for the curvier figure and I still want my money’s worth out of them. I reckon it would be very liberating.  Is it? Have you done it?

It seems that the options for this type of holiday are really starting to grow and as I have found whilst researching the best places to go for naturists, there are loads of amazing resorts and hotels you can stay in where nobody will care what you look like naked because they’re all doing the same thing.  Perhaps the demand for naturist holidays is down to the number of body positivity movements and the ‘go for it’ attitude of a newer, more liberal society. Or maybe it’s because some folk genuinely just want to enjoy the freedom of not wearing clothes, soaking up the sun in the buff.  If the feeling of swimming naked in the sea or going on a nude beachside stroll has a similar effect to taking off an ill-fitting bra after a 12-hour shift, then it must be a great way to relax.

Naturism is simply about connecting with nature through naked living and a lifestyle choice which has brought many people great peace and enjoyment. Being able to holiday in a welcoming, non-judgemental environment is bound to help your general well-being and acceptance of your own body. If you are nervous on your first naturist holiday, maybe just let it be known to the more experienced naturists in your resort. I reckon they’ll be more than happy to help you and guide you through your questions or any potential etiquette faux pas.

Clothing Optional signage

Naturist holiday activity used to be limited to secluded private beaches tucked away from the main hub. Today, there’s sophisticated and action packed naturist resorts where you can give your body a good airing, wherever and whenever you like. And another thing, these places are not restricted to size 8 supermodels or six-pack gym toned musclemen either. They are packed with people of all shapes and sizes, enjoying the sun and the sea breeze unhindered by fussy clothing. I was also surprised to find that naturist hotels and resorts are not all in far flung, obscure corners of the globe either. Many of our much-loved, popular holiday destinations offer naturist accommodation. You just might not know about them yet.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your less than perfect body (and get an all-over tan!), then here’s some of the best naturist holiday resorts you can go to.

Natureva Spa Resort, Cap d’Agde, France

Natureva Spa Resort sits at the edge of the Cap d’Agde naturist village and offers good sports and spa facilities.

Something of a naked metropolis, Cap d’Agde sounds more suited to experienced naturists rather than first timers but that’s just an opinion based on what I’ve been told and reviews I have read. Conversely, you could just go for it, if you want to throw yourself into the deep end of naturism. 

Here, you can go to the bank, the post office or village restaurants in nothing but your birthday suit and hordes of holidaymakers flock here in the summer months. As such, the accommodation tends to be booked up quite far in advance so do bear that in mind if you’re planning to book.

natureva resoirt pool

 Vera Playa Club Hotel, Mainland Spain

Spanish seaside naturist resort where you can relax completely naked on the promenade and designated beach and according to reviews, it’s laid-back and accepting, regardless of age, size and gender.  Vera Playa on the east coast of Almeria, is one of the most popular and sought-after nudist resorts in Europe.  You can also expect tip-top weather conditions here in sunny Spain.

Vera Playa Club

Monte Marina Naturist Resort, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

A small and friendly naturist resort close to scenic Jandia with a pool area and sun terrace exclusively for naturists. Guests have the option of staying in the resort apartments or the hotel on the complex. You’ll have the use of facilities in both but the hotel part is ‘textile’ (clothing is worn).

Jandia coastline

Vritomartis, Crete

This is a high-end naturist resort with a private swimming pool and beach. Vritomartis also organise naturist boat trips and walking tours if you don’t want to lie about all day. I would think that choosing the right naturist resort for your first time would be crucial to your overall experience and enjoyment. I read a few reviews on this place and it had been rated highly by naturists who have shared their views, some saying it’s the best resort to go to if you’re new to the naturist scene. Apparently, it’s a good spot for making new, like-minded friends and the activities they put on are all very sociable and well-organised.

Vritromartis Crete

Solaris Naturist Resort, Croatia

Solaris is a naturist camping resort, close to Porec with some rather nice beaches along the coast. This well-preserved development has a range of accommodation options – there are rooms and apartments available or you can book a tent pitch and really make the most of your naturist experience. Pets are welcome in designated areas too.

Solaris resort Croatia

Some great package deals can be booked through specialist naturist holiday agents

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