Beautiful, Beautiful Copenhagen!

Beautiful, Beautiful Copenhagen!

12/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

The Scandinavian experience has become an increasingly popular feature on many travel agendas with city breaks to Denmark, Norway and Sweden rife. Last March I was lucky enough to spend four days in beautiful Copenhagen and can assert with certainty that the stylish Danish capital is a destination not to be missed.

Danish Pastry

First on our list; a Danish pastry. After people and bike watching in one of the numerous cosy bakeries, we were ready to explore the wonders of Copenhagen. The sun was shining and the air crisp so we decided a canal tour was the ideal way to begin our city adventure. The boat slowed to allow enthusiastic tourists to capture and admire the best sites: the Danish royal family’s winter home, Copenhagen’s new Opera House and the iconic ‘Little Mermaid’ statue. Our exploration did not stop there. Having appreciated Copenhagen’s beauty from the water, why not do so from above?   The 17th Century Round Tower is the perfect place to appreciate the wonder and diversity of the city with historic buildings, modern architecture, lakes and beautifully kept gardens stretching for miles below.

Before traveling to Copenhagen, the idea of Christiania – an area within the city regulated by its own unique law – fascinated me. Upon arrival, I knew I was not going to be disappointed by the hippy commune. There was something enchanting about the little village, its way of life and its carefree ambiance that welcomed you warmly. A totally different vibe from the hustle and bustle of the city’s centre but most definitely a worthwhile experience.

Copenhagen was just as wonderful in the evening as it had been throughout the day. Cobbled streets lit up with fairy lights and lined with wonderfully colourful houses made the Danish capital city feel like a fairy tale land. Traditional bars and restaurants welcomed locals and tourists eager to sample authentic Danish cuisine while the more trendy, modern establishments welcomed those looking to appreciate the capital’s nightlife.

So Danny Kaye was correct. Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited and would recommend those looking for a city break holiday to opt for the Scandinavian experience.