Discovering Hvar, Croatia

Discovering Hvar, Croatia

12/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

Our ferry glided effortlessly across the Adriatic Sea. The sparkling turquoise water and clear blue skies stretched for miles in front of us with only the occasional mystic green island disrupting this immense sea of blue. This was a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Split harbour which we had left behind us in pursuit of our journey to Hvar; the island heralded by many as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I have to admit, I think I was in agreement with this assertion from the moment our ferry slowed into Hvar’s tranquil harbour and we were met with scenic beach coves, impressive architecture and rich green hills.


During our time on Hvar, we spent most days in a state of bliss at one of the numerous unspoiled beaches dotted along the coastline dipping in and out of the crystal clear water. Usually by late afternoon, we had worked up a considerable appetite and it was time to dither over which ice cream flavour or bakery good we would sample that day. A wander at this time provided the perfect opportunity to stare in awe at the array of yachts in the harbour. Some of these yachts truly were fit for royalty boasting gymnasiums, jacuzzis and vast decks glistening proudly in the sunlight. Alongside these yachts bobbed traditional fishing boats where Croatian locals giddily sorted their catch of the day.

By evening, Hvar came to life. Laughter, music and clinking glasses filled the air: the perfect recipe for the ideal holiday ambiance.  Both the harbour and the Square offer a considerable choice of restaurants, bars and cafes and stalls selling lavender, jewellery and other holiday trinkets litter the marble ground in front of the lit up Cathedral. For those interested in a perhaps less cultural evening, Hvar does not dissapoint. Every summer evening, couples, groups of excited travelers and young Croatian locals make their way to Hula Hula to watch the sun go down. Built upon the rocky coastline, a rustic looking beach bar serves jugs of colourful cocktails and people spill out on to the jetty in a haze of laughter, music, and excitement as the sky turns crimson. The excitement does not end here. At around 10pm, small boats begin to taxi party goers to a mysterious location. The island is home to the infamous Carpe Diem, an exclusive beach club which encapsulates bars, beaches, food stalls and a club. The island resembles a Hawaiian paradise oozing with palm trees, colourful beach cavanas and flowers.

As an island rich in culture, architecture, nightlife and beauty, there is no doubt in my mind that Hvar provides something for every taste and for every walk of life.