My Travel Pet Hates

12/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

If you’ve visited this blog before then chances are you’ll have realised that I’m absolutely addicted to travel. I normally love the whole trains, planes and automobiles thing as they’re a means to getting me to a new and exciting destination, but sometimes there are things that really get on my nerves.

People on Planes who pull Themselves up Using the Seat In-front

You know the type of people who grab for the headrest of the seat in-front of them to help raise them out of their seats leaving the person sitting in that seat wondering if their seatback is about to snap off? Yeah, them. This should be banned.

Screaming Children On Any Form of Transport

I know this is a bit of a controversial one but I have very little patience for screaming children, especially on planes. Parents, please do whatever you’ve got to do to quieten down your little cherub so I can watch the in-flight movie and take a nap in peace.

The Seat-Reclining Issue

I get that on long-haul flights people are going to want to relax, take a nap and recline their seat to get comfy and that’s absolutely fine. The people who have their seats reclined while others are trying to enjoy the inflight meal to me seem just a little rude. It’s hard enough eating a meal on a tiny lap sized table never mind having the seat in-front reclined so I have even less space than normal.

Smelly People

Now I don’t particularly like smelly people in normal everyday life but they’re far more abhorrent when you’re forced to share the same air for a period of time on some form of transportation.

Mobile Phones

I love my mobile phone, in-fact it’s normally no more than a few feet away from me at all times, but when I’m travelling on some form of transportation I make sure I turn my lovely little phone onto silent so as not to annoy those around me.

Earlier this week, whilst returning from a short break in Scotland by train, I encountered a man who was playing games on his phone with the volume turned up full blast. He was blissfully unaware of the vicious looks of all the other passengers in the carriage as he struggled to complete his ridiculously loud and annoying game. Grrrrr!


I know delays are sometimes inevitable and unavoidable but it doesn’t mean I have to like them. There’s nothing worse than sitting waiting for a flight/bus/train that’s running late and you know it’s going to make you miss your connection.

So, these are my top travel pet hates, what are yours?