Quirky, Cool Brighton

Quirky, Cool Brighton

13/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

I’ll be the first to admit that I was blown away when I visited Brighton earlier this year. It’s one of the coolest, quirkiest, hippest little cities I’ve ever come across in the United Kingdom! It’s hipster heaven; a place where anything goes and people are friendly and accepting. I absolutely loved it!

Although it’s situated less than an hour outside of the bustling city of London, it feels like a million miles away from The Big Smoke. You’ll find Brighton on the beautiful south English coast where they enjoy much more sunshine than the rest of rainy Britain.

Isn't this beautiful?!
Isn’t this beautiful?!


It has a stunning promenade area where you can stroll along the seafront for miles taking in the sea air and enjoying these beautiful views. I imagine on a hot sunny day this stony beach would be packed with Brighton residents and people who have travelled from other small towns to enjoy this lovely slice of beach.

Brighton is one of the most colourful cities I’ve come across in the UK. Walking through the town you’ll see multi-coloured shops and houses and street art everywhere in The Lanes. The bright, vibrant street art was one of my favourite things in Brighton and I loved discovering it absolutely everywhere.

 Striking street art in The Lanes
Striking street art in The Lanes

If you look carefully you’ll find street art in some unexpected places in Brighton. You’ll even find that the dull cable boxes you find in every city have been given a makeover in Brighton to make them as interesting as possible…

'Cassette Lord' leaving his mark in Brighton
‘Cassette Lord’ leaving his mark in Brighton


In The Lanes area of the city you’ll find some unique and exciting little shops that are perfect for spending a few hours browsing in. You’ll also be spoiled for choice if you want to pass some hours in a cute coffee shop or cafe, as this area is full of them. It’s the perfect place to meet friends or simply grab a coffee (and a cake!) and enjoy some people watching.

Another thing I loved about Brighton is The Royal Pavillion – a royal residence that was built in the Regency period and would probably look more at home somewhere like India rather than in southern England.

The flamboyant and extravagant Royal Pavillion
The flamboyant and extravagant Royal Pavillion


It looks utterly out of place alongside the rest of Brighton’s architecture however, this is part of what makes it so interesting. It’s wonderfully opulent and the gardens are a great place to relax in summer.

The time I spent in Brighton was wonderful, albeit too short. I really found myself feeling comfortable and at home in this town. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere reminded me somewhat of Berlin, as it too is so accepting of everyone. I felt a strong affinity with Brighton and can’t wait to return to this beautiful, eclectic little seaside town.