Sports Events From Around The World

Sports Events From Around The World

12/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

There are so many incredible sports played around the world, from tennis to football and everything in between. I love watching all the different countries and their fans that have come to compete and the atmosphere looks incredible.

Top Sports Events Around the World

Tennis at Wimbledon

Tennis Racket and Ball

Wimbledon is one of my favourite sporting events and takes place in a London suburb every July. It sees tennis stars from all over the world gather and compete to be the best tennis player on grass.

There always seems to be an amazing atmosphere at Wimbledon with people dressing up and waving banners to support their favourite players and hopefully cheer them on to victory. Plus, it’s famous for strawberries and cream and who doesn’t love that as a little treat during British summertime? Perfect!

Champions League Final 

Champions League

I would absolutely love to attend a Champions League final one day and see the best two European football teams battle to become champions of Europe. The final always takes place in a different stadium and country every year and I think it would be fabulous to travel somewhere new and get to enjoy the atmosphere of the city as the hopeful football fans of both teams descend on the destination.

The Ryder Cup 

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is one of golfs biggest tournaments and sees a team of European players take on a team from the United States of America every second year. It’s hotly contested and attracts golf fans from all over the world. The venue changes every time, alternating between the US and Europe, and this years tournament takes place right here in Scotland. Perfect for me!

The Superbowl 



The Superbowl is the NFL final where the best American football teams battle it out to be NFL champions. This event is major, as much for it’s entertainment, advertising and television coverage as it is for the actual sport but nonetheless it’s still something I’d love to witness for myself.

The World Cup 

World Cup

Who wouldn’t love to go to the World Cup?! All of the world’s best football teams and players getting together to compete to become the best football team in the world in a different destination every four years. I love the atmosphere, the colours and the intensity of the passion of both the players and the fans when supporting their country.

It would be even better if my country ever actually made it to the World Cup finals but I could be waiting a while for Scotland to get there so I’ll pick a nation to cheer on instead!

So, would you like to go to any of these sports events around the world? Which ones would you most like to see?