Sunny Autumn Getaways

Sunny Autumn Getaways

13/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

It’s that time of year where the days are getting depressingly shorter and the nights extending longer than before. It’s getting colder, the wind is picking up and the leaves are beginning to turn from vibrant green to red, burnt orange and finally brown. Whilst the changing shades of the leaves might be beautiful and lovely to look at, it can be tempting to want to get away this autumn and escape to somewhere sunny.

I know I’m still dreaming of the long days of summer, so I certainly wouldn’t say no to a sunny autumn getaway. So, where the best places to head to this autumn to get some of the last rays of sunshine before winter sets in? Here’s some of my favourite autumn getaway spots…

The Canary Islands

The Spanish Canary Islands are actually located far closer to Africa than they are to Spain. This gives them a year round temperate climate which attracts visitors from all over the world. During autumn you’ll find temperatures in the mid twenties and long hours of sunshine for you to enjoy.

The Canary Islands have some stunning beaches

There’s also plenty to do and see on The Canary Islands. Lanzarote is the easternmost of the Canaries and is the most diverse of the islands. It has a volcano at the heart of the small island and this gives the landscape a rocky and interesting look. It’s the perfect place to hire a car and get out and explore all that the island has to offer.


Malta is a tiny island in the south of the Mediterranean which, similarly to The Canary Islands, is closer to Africa than the rest of Europe. It is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world and has so much to offer visitors, especially sunshine! In autumn the temperatures in Malta are around the mid-twenties and this is a country which sees very little rain. Rather different from not-so-sunny Britain!

Malta is absolutely beautiful...



This little island at the east of the Mediterranean has a fantastic climate year round and enjoys long hours of sunshine in the autumn months and sees very little rainfall. The island is split into two parts – the Greek side and the Turkish side – after years of invasions and fights over the land. The Greek side of the island is very tourist friendly and has some wonderful beaches and towns to visit.

The Turkish side has seen far less tourism and remains more quaint. It is also said to be cheaper than the Greek side – perfect if you’re looking for a budget sunshine break!

 Poolside bliss

One great thing about an autumn getaway is being able to discover places when they aren’t as crowded and as busy as they would be in the summer months. The prices are always cheaper and you won’t find hotels crowded with families and young children. Perfect if you’re looking to enjoy some quiet time by the pool topping up your tan.

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