Travel Glasgow – Reigniting My Love the City

13/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

Travel Glasgow and Discover a Culture Rich Playground

I’ve lived 20 minutes outside Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, my whole life. I went to University there, I go there to eat, to party, to socialise and so much more. Because I’m there all the time it’s easy to forget how great Glasgow actually is. Showing my friend Kate (aka Adventurous Kate), a first time visitor to Glasgow, around recently made me remember just how much I love this city. I’ve written before about how most tourists and visitors visit Edinburgh instead of choosing to travel Glasgow, and how sad that makes me, and I firmly stand by this opinion. Glasgow has so much more to offer than most people realise.

When we chose to travel Glasgow, The University of Glasgow where I studied for my English Literature degree was the first place I took Kate. The University dates all the way back to 1451 and has some of the most stunning Gothic architecture. It has stained glass windows, grand halls and staircases and striking features.

I hadn’t been back to University since my graduation there in June and it was refreshing to see it from another perspective. I wasn’t rushing off to a class or consumed with my studies and because of that I was really able to appreciate the beauty of the place.

Across the road from the main building of Glasgow University is The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery and The Mackintosh House. Admission is free to these attractions and well worth a look if you’re interested in art and culture. The Hunterian houses some of Charles Rennie Macintoshes’ most famous works and The Mackintosh House is a replica of the interior of the Mackintoshes’ Glasgow home.

This area of Glasgow surrounding the university is without a doubt my favourite part of the city. It’s artistic, colourful and has a great energy to it because of the number of students here. I even managed to find where LMFAO left their party rock!

After doing some shopping in the super quirky stores on Creswell Lane and Byres Road I took Kate to Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. It was the perfect autumn afternoon for a stroll through this gorgeous leafy space within the heart of the west end of the city. Glasgow even did me proud and the sun came out for a few hours to show Kate the best of the city.

It was the perfect afternoon to travel Glasgow, reminding me just how much I love living so close to this fantastic city. I was so glad Kate came to visit, not only because it was great to hang out with her, but because it well and truly reignited my love for the city. Choose to travel Glasgow and immerse yourself in a range of quirky delights and cultural showpieces.

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