Travelling Scotland – Don’t Forget Glasgow

13/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

I’m getting tired of the conversation I have with so many people when I’m travelling. It goes a little something like this…

New person: ‘So where are you from?’

Me: ‘Scotland’

New person: ‘Oh cool! I’ve been to Edinburgh, but that’s it.’

I literally grimace every time I go through this. Although Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, it really shouldn’t be the only place that people visit when travelling Scotland. Although, I can see why people are drawn to the capital and I’ll gladly admit that Edinburgh is undeniably prettier than Glasgow.

Beautiful Edinburgh
Beautiful Edinburgh

Edinburgh is enchanting. It’s imposing castle resting proudly atop an extinct volcano, looking down over the city is a wonderful sight. If you climb Arthur’s Seat and look down at the expanse of the city before your eyes, the image sticks with you. It’s something that appeals to people the world over.

In comparison, Glasgow doesn’t have a fairy-tale castle guarding the city, and it doesn’t have leafy gardens at the heart of it. Whilst Edinburgh is far more beautiful, Glasgow’s persona as the ‘uglier’ and less charming sibling appeals far more to me. Glasgow is grittier, more industrial and much larger than Edinburgh. I like the anonymity that comes with wandering around Glasgow and barely ever seeing anyone you know.

My favourite spot in Glasgow: Ashton Lane
My favourite spot in Glasgow: Ashton Lane

Glasgow has some gorgeous spots too. Ashton Lane, seen in the picture above, is romantic and adorable by night with its cobbles, twinkling lights and atmospheric bars and restaurants. It’s in the West End- my absolute favourite area of the city to explore, day or night. It’s the one area I always recommend people to visit in the city.

I’m not for a moment saying you should pick Glasgow over Edinburgh on a trip to Scotland. Rather, I’m saying don’t overlook Glasgow. It’s a great city, with lots to offer. It has interesting museums such as Kelvingrove Art Gallery and the People’s Palace Museum, which details life in Glasgow in years gone by. It has gorgeous architecture such as that of The University of Glasgow (my old uni!) which pretty much looks like it was used in the Harry Potter movies …

 Glasgow University ... or Hogwarts?
Glasgow University … or Hogwarts?

Glasgow also has great shopping opportunities (I can definitely vouch for this!), the people are super friendly, and there’s no shortage of things to do. So, if you’re planning on travelling to Scotland please don’t overlook Glasgow, it might just surprise you …

Have you visited Glasgow on a trip to Scotland? Would you consider it?