Food, Wine & Culture of Paphos – Whats not to love?

Food, Wine & Culture of Paphos – Whats not to love?

16/06/2017 Off By Hillary Stewart

Paphos, Cyprus.

I’ve always had a love for Cyprus and spent many holidays here when I was younger, exploring the coast and taking adventures around the island. However on this visit to the island I left behind the snorkel and mountain boots and I chose a holiday of wine, food and culture – what’s not to love?

Beach Paphos, Cyprus.

Paphos is known as the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite so you’re sure to fall in love with it’s beauty. With a fantastic 50km of coast and great all inclusive deals, Paphos is the perfect place to sit back and relax… Or if you’re feeling a little adventurous, grab a tour guide and explore the hidden treasures this beautiful island has to offer, something I made sure to do!

Paphos Archaeological Park, Paphos.

Although I could talk about the stunning beaches all day, what made my trip to Paphos so invigorating was the abundance of culture and heritage. I started my adventure with a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kato Paphos Archaeological Park with it’s fascinating Roman architecture, a sight that is not to be missed for those of you who are history lovers.

Tomb of Kings, Cyprus.

Next on my travels I explored The Tombs of the Kings. 100 tombs that have been unearthed with burial artefacts, giving us a glimpse into the past within the solid rock columns and walls that still stand. These are only two of my favourite sights from my trip to Paphos but there is so much more to discover and explore!

Traditonal Dish, Souvlaki.

After a long day of sightseeing and soaking up the culture (including the sunshine), you are more than ready to enjoy some of the local food. A favourite local cuisine of mine is the cheese – both Halloumi and Feta – in Paphos you won’t be stuck finding amazing local Greek cuisine around the waterfront.

If you want authentic Greek food then Laona Restaurant will not disappoint. The traditional Greek stew (Beef Stifado) is remarkable but if that doesn’t tickle your taste buds then there are many other delicious delicacies such as Souvlaki for you to try.

Traditional Cypriot Feta

If all of this amazing food inspires you to give Greek and Cypriot cooking a go then you’ll love the cooking classes by Yummy Cyprus. A wonderful afternoon spent with delicious food that now you can make yourself when you get home. I discovered so much about Paphos by attending this cooking class – I’m a real foodie but anyone would love this fun experience of learning about the culture through food, and it tastes great too!

Wine and Ancient Site Tours

For those of you who are wine lovers, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you – there’s something here for you too! Whether you want wine, culture or both.

As a culture vulture myself I would recommend the wine tasting and ancient site tours, they give you the perfect cultural day with great wine and great views. These trips leave from Paphos and they allow you to take in the rich history as well as enjoy some beautiful local wine! If you don’t want to absorb the culture as you absorb some of the local grapes, then there are plenty of other Paphos wine tours available too.

Troodos Mountains, Troodos.

I spent a few days travelling through Cyprus to see more of the country on this trip and I took a 4-night tour from Paphos to Nicosia and the Troodos Mountains – what an amazing experience. We explored some of the top sights in Cyprus as well as seeing the House of Dionysus mosaics and Tombs of the Kings. There were some sights that I enjoyed so much that I didn’t mind going back! The tour was very relaxing because hotel pick ups and drop offs were arranged and breakfast and dinner were provided! I couldn’t recommend this tour enough as you truly get to experience the island that little bit better by travelling through it.

For the majority of my trip to Paphos I stayed in the SENTIDO Thalassa Coral Bay which is a short walk away from local bars and restaurants and right on Coral Bay, a favourite beach amoung tourists. I managed to pick up a great all inclusive package to Paphos which made the holiday both an adventure and relaxing.

Paphos, Cyprus.

Overall Paphos stole my heart and was perfect for the type of holiday I’m used to and love – soaking up the sun, culture and most of all the food and wine! Like I said before, what’s not to love?