Top 5 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Top 5 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

31/01/2018 Off By Lauren Windsor
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Top tips on how to explore the most romantic cities in Europe:

It is undeniable, Europe has some of the most romantic spots in the world – the perfect place for a romantic getaway with your loved one. I love everything about Europe and the romance that comes with some of its finest Capital Cities, and if you’re looking to fall in love then you’ll not want to miss out – even if that means just falling in love with the city!

Couple Drinking Champagne in Paris

Every year my other half and I like a wee getaway, and we usually choose something uber romantic because we can go on adventurous holidays with our friends and family – this is a trip just for us. With our wedding prep underway, and a honeymoon on the cards you’d think we would maybe forget about this getaway…no way! We had it planned last year and we will still be going and having the relaxed weekend we both deserve – wedding planning is tough! But enough about what we have planned, where have we actually have been that is super romantic and perfect for a weekend of falling in love with each other all over again. Well, here are my top picks for the most romantic cities in Europe that you’ll not want to miss out on.


Eiffel Tower, Paris

If we didn’t start with a trip to Paris then there would be something wrong, after all, it is known as the ‘Ville de l’amour’ (or City of Love)! And if you’ve been to Paris you’ll understand why, with beautiful cafes and restaurants, winding streets and beautiful landmarks… you could really get caught up in it all. There is nothing better than the smell of the fresh patisseries to start the day in front of the Eiffel Tower AND it is beautiful all year round. You can walk hand in hand with your significant other down the River Sienne, or take a view from the top of the Eiffel Tower whilst you’re looking into each other’s eyes – I LUV a good love story!

My top tips of things to do on a romantic trip to Paris:

Go anytime of year: the beauty of this city is it is beautiful all year around! Wrap up warm in the glow of the winter lights or dress to impress with your best summer dress in the summer, and those transitional months with the changing leaves and warming up – absolute bliss!

Wall of Love: Yes, a whole wall with ‘I love you’ written in many languages! It is called the Wall of Love in Place des Abbesses and is definitely worth a visit on your tour of the city.

Window shop until your heart is content: If you’re on a budget then window shopping in Paris is definitely on your agenda, it’s fun getting to see all the beautiful boutiques and who knows you might even get a surprise gift in one of them.

Dine near the Eiffel Tower: On our trip to Paris, we made sure at least one of the nights to dine near the Eiffel Tower. Paris really is beautiful at night and what is a more romantic backdrop than the scene for proposals and kisses?


Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy

Italy, the land of amazing pizza and pasta – not to forget the wine! You won’t be stuck for ideas when it comes to finding a romantic activity for the two of you here, whether it is exploring the cobblestone streets or cruising along the small canals.

Some of my top romantic things to do in Venice are:

Gondola Ride: something you’ll not want to miss out on, it is one of the most romantic things you’ll do in the city and at night you can watch the stars come out to make it that bit more romantic.

Dinner on the canal: There are plenty of restaurants that overlook Italy’s canal, so if you ask for a table by the water you’re sure of the most romantic evening.

Stroll through the streets: There is nothing more romantic than walking hand in hand through the cobblestoned streets of this enchanting city, maybe even getting a little bit lost and discovering something new – or even just discovering some amazing gelato to share.


Santorini, Italy

The views will take your breath away here, just looking at the views from your balcony you’ll fall in love. If you can peel yourself off your sunbed on your balcony and from that beautiful view you’ll be able to explore parts of Santorini and make amazing memories with your significant other.

Here are a few ideas of some adventurous romantic activities in Santorini:

Explore Oia: These are infamous with Santorini, the white-washed buildings with paths between the small homes and buildings – not the mention the amazing views from these paths.

Chase the Sun: If you can get to the edge of Oia for sunset this will be the most romantic thing you do in Santorini, or if you don’t make it to Oia you can see an equally beautiful sunset at Imerovigilli. If you think the views are stunning during the day just wait until the sun sets and the night falls, your love for this island will be just as much as your love for each other.

Wine Tasting: What is more romantic than toasting to being together exploring the world with a local glass of wine? These vineyards are found on the flatter side of the island, so take a day trip and enjoy beautiful wine and views.


Trevi Fountain, Rome

Italy does romance well, and there is so much to love about the city and experience with your other half. My favourite part of the trip we took to Rome was seeing the beautiful sites, like Paris, I didn’t need a lot of activities to make this feel like a romantic escape. However, we did book some activities before we went that we absolutely loved.

My top three most romantic things to do in Rome:

Hop on a river cruise: We love river cruises, there is something about being on the water together with the twinkling lights of the city around us that makes it feel so special. The cruise tour on the Tiber River was no different, especially since we opted for the Dinner Cruise with Live Music – it was an indulgent night of good food, good wine and good live music and it was oh-so-romantic!

Candle-lit Dinner: One of the most romantic things to do anywhere is a candle-lit dinner, whether it is at our kitchen dining table or on a rooftop in Italy…I mean one of those definitely sounds more romantic than the other! At Hotel Raphael’s rooftop restaurant in Rome, you’ll have a completely amazing experience with incredible views of the city and beautiful Italian dishes being served.

Trevi Fountain: Don’t forget to see this landmark, and throw a coin (or three) in the fountain. There is special significance as to how many coins you throw in the fountain and each represents a different wish someone has.

  • One-coin means a return to Rome
  • Two coins are signifying new romance
  • Three coins are for marriage…who knows you might even get proposed to!? How romantic…


Florence, Italy

This place is famous around the world for beautiful architecture and the artwork found inside and outside its museums – it is a city of charm and it took my heart. Strolling through the city with your love you can admire the views and admire each other in this perfect surrounding. We spent valentines here a couple of years ago and it did not disappoint, the perfect romantic weekend away.

Here are a few of the things we did on our romantic escape to Florence:

Bobli Gardens: These beautiful gardens are part of the Pitti Palace and you could spend hours strolling around, taking in the beautiful artwork and the massive gardens outside. Time escaped us here, it was so peaceful and relaxing to appreciate the surroundings and each other’s company.

Don’t rush love: Florence has many tourists and some of the best spots are universally known, so take in the views across the Arno River and walk around the city taking in the beautiful sites and artwork. Quality time like this is often hard to come by so it’s worth soaking it up!

Sunset at the Piazza: As you can tell, I love watching sunsets…I just don’t think there is anything more romantic than cuddling up beside your other half and watching the day come to a close. Watching the sunset at Michaelangelo’s Piazza is one of the most memorable nights of the trip, just good quality time with breath-taking views.

In terms of romance, it doesn’t take much to woo me, give me a good view and that special someone and I’m happy – but also good food and drink…and maybe a spa treatment! In these busy cities, we are able to relax and enjoy the simple things like taking a walk and enjoying the sites. Adventurous non-stop trips is also part of my travel plans but with such a busy schedule at the moment, getting away to these romantic locations with my fiance is just what we needed – especially with a wedding coming up!