Belfast Christmas Markets

Belfast Christmas Markets

09/05/2017 Off By Lucy McCausland

Belfast at Christmas is something else, it is beautiful and often everything else is forgotten about for a while in the busy hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping.

Belfast Christmas Markets

Food and Shopping in Belfast

There is lots of shopping around the City Hall towards Castle Court shopping centre and also Victoria Square shopping centre. At Christmas time these shops are busy and full of Christmas cheer – obviously involving the cheeriness of the locals as well helping the Christmas spirit and cheer.

If you’re getting a bit hungry on your Christmas shopping then you’ll not be far from amazing places for food and drinks.  Cathedral Quarter is definitely worth a visit if you fancy something a bit more unique about Belfast…or if you’re fancying Mexican food (Burritos and Tacos etc) then get yourself to Boojum! There are three Boojum shops scattered around the city from the student area to the main train station (Victoria). In Boojum you’ll get a hearty portion of amazing Mexican street foods – this is how I like to start my Christmas shopping.

Before Christmas I was in Belfast twice, once with my dad and once with my sister. When I went with my dad we only spend a wee bit of time in Victoria Square shopping centre – basically trying to get in and out of the Apple Store as quickly as possible! Then we headed to the Christmas Markets just outside the City Hall. There is so much to offer from these markets with amazing food and quirky little trinkets for Christmas presents. As with any Christmas markets the food is slightly more pricey and probably not the portion size you’d want for the money you’ve spent but overall the atmosphere makes up for it…and it is good food.

Going for a second time (two days before Christmas) with my sister we were focused completely on the shopping, avoiding the last day of the markets as they packed up their stalls ready for home. The shops were heaving and we were kind of losing the energy to even want to shop but we went and conquered the last minute Christmas presents.

Belfast is an amazing place to be not only at Christmas. There is so much history and culture in the walls of this city, and with the people who live here. If you’ve never been before then I can only say one word to you, “GO!”. Of course, I might be biased…after all it is my home.