Berlin: Check Point Charlie & The Berlin Wall

Berlin: Check Point Charlie & The Berlin Wall

29/03/2017 Off By Lucy McCausland
Berlin stole my heart on our adventures around Europe. The culture, landmarks and history really made me want to take a trip back ASAP.

We only got 24 hours in this amazing city, it definitely wasn’t a lot but we fit in so much…

Bus Tour in Berlin

Things to do in Berlin in 24 Hours:

  • Bus Tour: it’s definitely worth the money as you can hop on and off at different locations around the city.
  • Check Point Charlie: it’s so interesting and is great for taking those classic Berlin holiday pics
  • Berlin Wall: historically this place is incredible and so interesting to check out the different painted sections of the walls (it’s also free woo)!
  • The Jewish War Memorial: extremely interesting spot, representing people who died via grey blocks in the centre of the city.
  • Currywurst: Trust me, it’s actually quite good – especially if you get it from a street vendor.
  • Beer: When in Germany…drink lots of good German beer!

Berlin was just a quick stop on our interrailing adventure, but I’ll definitely go back for a wee weekend city break to explore a bit more…maybe at Christmas!