Dachau Concentration Camp Experience

Dachau Concentration Camp Experience

30/03/2017 Off By Lucy McCausland

As part of our interrailing adventure we had a short stay in Munich. It was important to the whole group that we would take a trip to Dachau Concentration Camp…it was an incredible experience. The group of six of us knew that we needed to experience this part of history during our time in Germany, and we’d say it’s something that cannot be missed if you have the chance to go. It’s such an important part of our world history.

Dachau Concentration Camp

My Experience at Dachau Concentration Camp

We knew that being so close to Dachau by staying in Munich meant that it was on the cards, so we booked our tickets through the hostel reception for the next day.

Waking up that morning we prepared ourselves for the day both emotionally and physically for the soaring heat of that day.

As we arrived at the concentration camp it became evident that this would be something like we’ve never experienced before. At the start of the tour you are able to read a little in a museum layout before entering the camp. We were part of a tour group of around 20 people, with the excellent guidance of our tour guide we began the journey around the camp.

Seeing the conditions and the actual location of these traumatising times and hearing the stories of individuals it was all very hard hitting.

You see many sights during the tour; where the people of the camp would stand for hours for no reason, ‘no mans land’ where death was the only outcome, the poor sleeping conditions and finally the gas chambers.

I never expected to be so affected. Of course I knew there would be a unique feeling standing in this place but I was unaware of how hard hitting it would be. It was so quiet and eerie. The air was heavy and so was my heart.

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This experience is like none other. I had never experienced this feeling before and I doubt I ever will again. It’s not your usual fun adventurous activity on a trip but it’s so important to understand exactly what happened to shape the world we are part of today. People suffered so that we could explore and discover the world with new eyes. We learn from the past and move on because of it.

This is a crucially important part of anyone’s journey to Germany.