Falling in love with Split and Podstrana

Falling in love with Split and Podstrana

30/03/2017 Off By Lucy McCausland
After travelling for nearly a month around Europe, train hopping and sleeping anywhere my head was laid, I was very glad – even brought to tears – when we arrived at our hotel in Podstrana just outside Split. The relief of being picked up from the train station and not having to walk miles with our rucksacks and being brought to a hotel where breakfast was included and we didn’t feel restricted by what was included in the hostel price – we were all very happy travellers.View from hotel in Podstrana


Podstrana is a smaller town just outside of Split – about a 10-15 minute drive. We were lucky enough that our hotel manager was very friendly and helpful and often offered to taxi us back and forward instead of us ordering taxis – trying to squeeze as many of us into his car as possible!
Podstrana is quite quiet and there isn’t much to do but as I’ve said it isn’t far from Split. There is a small shop that sells the basics for us travelers e.g. drinks and snacks. The hotel we stayed in was lovely and clean and a real pleasure to stay in. Along the coast from us there were other more luxurious hotels with beautiful beached areas that we could also take advantage of. A walk down the beach also brings you to a dock with boats and different restaurants. On our final night in Podstrana we went to a restaurant right on the seafront and I had the best steak I’ve ever had.


Whilst staying in Croatia we also visited Split most days and evenings for some entertainment. In Split we decided to go on the pub crawl, with the aptly named tagline of “The best night you won’t remember!”
The drinks were abundant on this night included in your 20 euro cost for your ticket and t-shirt. At the first bar there was free pizza and games to get to know others and overall it was a great night had by the group of 7 others that I was with.

Streets in Split

Split also has beautiful winding lanes through it that are beautiful to walk through and when the sun is setting there is a huge presence of bats that fly overhead as you walk through these winding alleyways. It has a promenade area around the front that has different vendors for ice cream and street food, as well as differing crafts and souvenirs to bring home.

Market, Split.

Split and Podstrana were both beautiful places with some stuff to do but many just a relaxing end to a hectic holiday for us. I would recommend either of these locations for a relaxing holiday but with the opportunity to do some exploring.