24 Hours in Lake Bled, Slovenia

24 Hours in Lake Bled, Slovenia

21/06/2017 Off By Lucy McCausland

An interrailing trip calls for 24 hours in many destinations, this gives a little insight into the top things to do and see in a short visit. This was an interrailling stop, right in the middle of our month long adventure. I’d never heard of Lake Bled or really even seen pictures of it before we arrived in this beautiful place in Slovenia.

Church in the middle of Lake Bled

Arriving in Lake Bled

Lake Bled was one of the strangest arrivals we had throughout interrailing. We arrived at a train station which was basically just tracks that you walked across to get to the building that looked derelict with a local pub beside it. The clouds were low and it was very misty when we arrived in, was a shame we missed out on the amazing view for our first impression! We were going to walk to our hostel (assuming it wasn’t too far) but after trying to speak to people in the small pub they said we were best to order taxis, which they kindly did for us.

The taxis from the train station (if you can call it that) to our hostel was about a 20 minute drive costing us about £2 each which we couldn’t believe – how I wish Glasgow taxis were that cheap!

After arriving at our hostel and with a bit of trouble getting checked in we decided to research what we could do when we got there. There was a lot to choose from to do in a short period of time so we made a list of our top picks:

  • Toboggan Run
  • Row to Bled Castle
  • White Water Rafting

Morning in Lake Bled

Toboggan, Lake Bled

Toboggan, Lake Bled

The next day we were up and out early and heading towards the toboggan which ran down the mountain side just up from the lake. This was a lot of fun and also not too expensive for two runs down the side of the mountain. You control your own speed too so for those who aren’t adventure seekers, don’t worry!

Afternoon in Lake Bled

White Water Rafting, Lake Bled

White Water Rafting, Lake Bled

That afternoon some of our interrailing group decided to go white water rafting – what a cool thing to say you have done, white water rafting in Slovenia! It was a great experience and at this activity we realised that the same family did most of the events organised in Lake Bled, from Yoga to a Pub Crawl.

We then rowed into the middle of the lake to get to Bled Castle. It’s a pretty spot to explore with cute little shops with souvenirs and even a cafe. We rented a boat to row across, it was tough work and we definitely wish we had booked it for longer because we only had minutes to spare when returning it. But, a few arguments later, we were back on solid ground and ready for an evening in this small destination on our adventures.

Evening in Lake Bled

After we went back to our hostel, got changed and ready for the night we went for dinner in a cute little restaurant by the water side – that I can’t remember the name of, sorry! But look how great the pizza looks…

Pizza in Lake Bled

Pizza Night in Slovenia

After dinner we went on a bit of the pub crawl that started off in a George Best pub – good for us Northern Irish folk! It was good fun finding out where the best places to drink in Bled were, as well as getting a few free drinks. There were no clubs, just some fun bars with good music.

We were up bright and early the next morning for our train out of Bled, on to our next destination and ready for new adventures.

Lake Bled is a quiet but very beautiful place, it was a perfect lazy little town to include on our interrailing trip amoungst the chaos of big European cities. If you get the chance to visit Lake Bled, don’t pass it up!