Scottish Christmas Markets Weekend: Glasgow & Edinburgh Here We Come!

Scottish Christmas Markets Weekend: Glasgow & Edinburgh Here We Come!

29/11/2017 Off By Lucy McCausland

Coming up to Christmas there is nothing I’d rather do than bundle up and take a trip to the Christmas Markets for stalls of crafts, trinkets and amazing food! And that’s what I did this weekend, I did a double feature of Scottish Christmas Markets; Glasgow and Edinburgh.Christmas Markets

Day 1: Glasgow Christmas Markets

Locations: St Enoch’s, George Square

We took the train into Glasgow Central Station on Saturday lunch time, ready for some good food at the markets and to enjoy the Christmas buzz of the city.

St Enoch Subway Station & Markets

St Enoch’s was our location of choice for food with everything to offer from German sausage to Indian and a stall with all food covered in cheese – what more could you want!

Market Food Day 1

There was a huge choice but in the end we decided to share: duck fat chips (amazing), duck, onion bhajis, mac and cheese and then finished off with some churros. Needless to say we were so full but we really wanted a taste of everything at these markets.

Although the food at some of these places are a bit pricey it is definitely good fresh food cooked right in front of you.

German Treats

Between the amazing food stalls there are stalls of beautifully decorated German biscuits, Christmas trinkets and an amazing coffee stall we couldn’t pass up.

After exploring St Enoch’s markets we took to some shopping and picked up some of the black Friday orders in the centre of town before making our way to George Square markets.

George Square Christmas Markets

Again these markets were bustling with people, we looked at the variety of stalls that featured at these markets and soaked in the Christmas atmosphere.

Bavarian Beer Garden in George Square, Glasgow.

The rides and activities for children and families here are really worth spending a day out at! But we headed to the Bavarian Beer Garden for a German Beer, with it’s covered roof and heaters to keep the Scottish winter chill out.

Frasers Glasgow Christmas Lights

As we made our way back to Glasgow Central we couldn’t help but stop and take a moment to photograph Frasers store front with the incredible lights. We weren’t the only ones to stop and capture this on the way!

The city felt so ready for Christmas and full of Christmas cheer as people shopped and enjoyed good food and drink in the markets and on the streets of Glasgow.

George Square Christmas Market Rides

People really do make Glasgow.

Day 2: Edinburgh Christmas Markets

Locations: Princes Street, St. Andrew’s Square & George Street

Glasgow Christmas Markets at Night

After a great day out at the Christmas Markets in Glasgow – and after I’d got feeling back in my cold fingers and toes – some friends and I decided that we’d head through to Edinburgh on Sunday to see some of the best Christmas Markets in Scotland.

It is a tradition for us to make our way to the capital city at this time of year for the markets, this time we took a slightly later train and made it an evening of Christmas Markets in Edinburgh. We always enjoyed the evening in Edinburgh a lot more because that’s when the city really comes to life with the Christmas lights.

On Our Way: Queen Street Station, Glasgow

Leaving from Queen Street in Glasgow to Edinburgh Waverly (which is the perfect stop for Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland)! Seeing the lights from the markets as we came into the station was amazing – definitely worth going to the markets in the evening when it’s dark. We then followed the Christmas music from the train to Princes Street Markets.

The markets here wrap around Scott Monument with all sorts of different rides and stalls.

Christmas Carousel in Edinburgh

The carousel and big wheel make it feel extra special and extra Christmassy! There are so many stalls at Edinburgh Christmas markets with so much choice for food and all handcrafted Christmas items your heart desires.

Traditional German Sausage

We were first on the hunt for good food (as always), and it definitely was not hard to find but it was hard to decide. We saw our favourite place at Edinburgh markets which has now become an annual tradition – a German sausage (Bratwurst).

The Perfect View for Dinner: Scott Monument, Edinburgh

Our usual place to grab one is right next to the Scott Monument which makes it easy to find and a picturesque location to have your dinner!

From the top of Princes Street you can see all over Santa Land at the bottom of the Christmas Markets, the lights make the whole atmosphere completely magical.

Santa Land, Edinburgh Christmas Markets

Down in Santa Land there was plenty to do for the little ones but as an adult it was just beautiful to see the decorations and bright lights, as well as some of the best cheesy Christmas music.

St Andrew's Square Ice Skating

After we’d covered Princes Street markets we went to one of the other Christmassy spots in Edinburgh, St Andrew’s Square. Although we didn’t brave the ice this year, the ice skating around the monument is beautiful and you can even grab yourself a drink at the bar in the middle of the circular ice rink afterwards to warm up!

Dome of Lights, Edinburgh

The George Street Christmas Markets under the dome of light was magical because of the twinkling lights above us along with all the beautifully decorated shop fronts in the area.

Tower Drop Ride, Edinburgh Christmas Markets

We stood here for a while to watch the ride near these markets on George Street – you’ll not miss it, it’s called the Tower Drop. My friends tried to convince me but I decided to give it a miss and go for a waffle instead – no regrets at all…apart from the fact I didn’t grab a pic of my waffle before it was done!

Princes Street Christmas Stalls

As the night got a bit more chilly and we got a bit tired we decided it was time to head back to Glasgow after a day of amazing food and great sights in the capital city. Edinburgh really does Christmas well!

Two Christmas Markets in two days in two different cities – what Christmas market will be next!?