Why I love Tenerife…and you should too!

Why I love Tenerife…and you should too!

22/06/2017 Off By Lucy McCausland

Basically I just think Tenerife is great for any type of traveler, whether it is the ‘lads holiday’ or the ‘girls break’, even for families! That’s just one of the reasons I love this island and there are more reasons to come!

Before travelling here I could have disregarded it as an option…for me it was a family holiday destination in the Canary Islands. Maybe that’s because the last time I was on these islands I was in a one piece bathing suit with arm bands on learning how to swim – or better said how not to keep afloat! But after this trip I’m sold on Tenerife, and here are 5 reasons why:

Beautiful Tenerife Beach.

1. Beautiful Beautiful Beaches
It’s honestly hard to chose once you get here what beach you’ll visit because they all are so beautiful – instagram is not lying! For us it had to be one with food, music and a place to buy drinks!
My favourite was the Playa de las Americas, it was close to our hotel and also to everything else you could want; shops, restaurants and bars! It is also perfect for young people because of the bars and clubs as well as the golden sandy beaches and warm water!

2. Wonderful Weather

All I’ll say about the weather in Tenerife is that we got clear blue skies, reaching highs of 25 degrees each day in July and cooler evenings. For me, a unfortunate fair skinned traveler but loves the heat, this was perfect!

Tenerife Nightlife

3. Nightlife

Well you don’t have to worry about finding a party to go to in Tenerife, the exact opposite if you are anywhere near the Playa de las Americas (especially the Veronica strip)!
There are so many clubs and pubs in this area, we decided to do a bit of a pubcrawl so we could scout out the best. We ended up in Tramps The King of Clubs (not the best name I’ll admit) most nights because of the range of music in three different rooms, and it’s open until 6.00am…which we never made it to! We got entry deals from reps giving free passes before the club gets really busy and free drinks too, so look out for these!

We decided to treat ourselves one of the afternoons into the evening with a beach club pass for Monkey Beach Club! We had also heard about Papagayo Beach Club where all the celebs go but we couldn’t get tickets. 🙁
Overall the area of Playa de las Americas was packed with reasonably priced bars and clubs which resulted in a great nightlife to explore on our trip.

Loro Park, Puerto de la Cruz.

4. Amazing Activities
I love adventure but for this holiday all I wanted was to relax on a sun lounger from dawn to dusk (before heading out). But on arrival I felt I couldn’t just ignore the beautiful island the whole time we were here – especially since it doesn’t take long to get from one side to another, nothing is really out of bounds!We went to Loro Park which is in Puerto de la Cruz (about 2 hour coach away), we got Loro Park tickets with transfer included from our area. The journey there has beautiful views of the island and once you are there you’ll have an amazing day with the animals!

Siam Park, Tenerife.

There is obviously Siam Park to experience as well which is just a short 30 minute walk from Playa de las Americas. I love water parks but hate theme parks so this was perfect for me! Not only is it a great water park it is also beautiful inside with lots to see and do. We decided to make up our own lunch and bring it with us because we anticipated the inflated prices once we got into the park! But we did decide to treat ourselves to a drink in one of the pubs inside!

Tenerife Coast

5. Location Location Location

There is so much choice for which location to remain in or stay on the island, as I said before it is quite small so doesn’t take long to travel around! Therefore you might not want to commit yourself to one location. However if you wanted to stay in one location I would 10/10 recommend staying in the South of Tenerife if you are looking for a fun-filled holiday! We stayed in a hotel 50km from the beach, right on Playa de las Americas in Hotel Troya (but there are so many hotels in this area you won’t be stuck). We got a great deal from Jet2Holidays which included our return flights, half board, transfers and our baggage – can’t complain when all that is included! The hotel was perfectly located for all we wanted from the holiday – bars, beaches and activities.

As a student going half board really did help save some money on food when we were away. However in the area there is great food from local restaurants, but if you’re missing home too much there is McDonalds and Subway – which we managed to stay away from all holiday!

I’ve tried to be brief because I could talk all day about my love for Tenerife but I’ll spare you of that…for now!