Falling in love with Lisbon

30/10/2018 Off By Naina Bhardwaj

Every time I visit a different city or country, I find reasons to move there so I thought it’d be impossible for me to decide where to move to until I went to Lisbon.

The people were extremely friendly, polite and genuinely helpful. Portuguese is also a relatively simple language to learn, particularly if you speak any other romantic language.

There’s plenty to see but not so much that you become overwhelmed. From ancient towers steeped in history to a thriving nightlife which also caters for more relaxed nights where you can sit in an outdoor bar and listen to traditional Fado music. A highlight of mine was taking in the beauty of the city from the Santa Justa Lift, the two hours line for which we were able to skip by speaking to some locals who showed as an alternate route to the top.

There’s also plenty of food available. Seafood is generally the local cuisine but you can find Italian, Indian, Chinese and more and sometimes restaurants with two different styles of cuisine such as Indian and Italian together under one roof.

I’d highly recommend going to Ganesha Palace or Gandhi Palace near Rossi Square (both are owned by the same person) if this is what you are after. All of the food was genuinely delicious, the service speedy, waiters lovely and the interior elegant.

Just outside of Lisbon, there is the beautiful coastal town of Cascais stretches of golden beaches and scenic views of Lisbon. Slightly further out, there’s also the beautiful nearby town of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is clear to see why.

Personally, I’ve fallen in love with Lisbon and I invite you to do the same.