A Weekend in Copenhagen

A Weekend in Copenhagen

01/11/2019 Off By Peigi MacVicar

København – voted the most eco-friendly city in the world and why? Well, half of the population cycle to work or school on a daily basis, a 22% increase in the last decade; 96% of Copenhagers can reach a green area within a 15-minute walk; there are 60 free drinking fountain across the city; and all buses will be electronic by the end of this year. Impressive! Not only is this fabulous city doing its it for the environment, it’s also very beautiful and has a great selection of activities! Here are some of the highlights.

Tivoli Copenhagen


Tivoli is one of the most beautiful amusement parks in the world and slightly classier than Disney. It may seem an expensive day out at 383 DKK or £44 but it takes a full day to explore and with unlimited access to the rides and hardly any queues you’ll have an amazing day! There are constant events going on from ballet to theatre and dance as well as seasonal events – you’re going to be amazed by this magical place.

Nyhavn Harbour


Nyhavn waterfront is a must-visit to take in those Scandinavian colourful townhouses. It’s lined with plenty of options for food and a hub for entertainment. As it is such a hotspot the prices are generally hiked but it’s worth it for the ambience, it’s like nowhere you’ve been before!

Inside Rundetarn


You’re bound to have seen photos of this iconic tower before – another must-visit in Copenhagen. It was built as an astronomical observatory but the most iconic thing about it is its equestrian staircase. Right in the centre of town you won’t need to travel far to reach it either!

Street food


Many people travel to Copenhagen purely for the food, and rightly so! Tarvenhallerne Market has all sorts of food available and Reffen Street is a highlight too although it closes for winter. Pastries Galore! in Copenhagen too! They’re all over the place and will be some of the best baking you’ve ever tasted, yum.

Rosenborg Castle


Rosenborg is a Danish renaissance castle close by to the National Art Gallery, Botanic Gardens and Norreport Station. The stunning 400 year old castle features the crown jewels and many other treasures. Get a Museerne ticket to save yourself some money visiting these unique sights.