Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets

15/11/2019 Off By Peigi MacVicar

Everyone loves a Christmas Market. But do you know the best places to find them? Here we have a guide to the fancy, fun and traditional markets all over Europe.

Berlin lights


Where better to start than Germany’s capital city, Berlin? It’s an absolute classic for Christmas Markets and they’re ALL over the place! One of the main features of Berlin Christmas Markets are the paper stars which you will see lit up all over the city and on top of the markets too! You’ll find copious amounts of classic German food as well as a few other features from other countries. All to be washed down with a lovely mug of Glühwein – of which you pay a deposit for a painted mug and can keep it if you fancy!

Scott Monument at Christmas


A bit closer to home we’ve got the Edinburgh Christmas Markets! Here you’ll find a huge mix of cultures from Dutch pancakes to Bratwurst sausages – all under the shadow of the Scott Monument and Edinburgh Castle! There are plenty of activities too like ice skating in St Andrews Square, fairground rides at the markets or get lost in the Christmas tree maze!

Chimney Cake


Budapest is a definite traditional highlight at Christmas time! Something you must try is Hungarian Chimney cake – it is to die for. Roasted on a spit, the sugar caramelises and the chimney unravels for you to eat – it’s honestly divine. Other things you might find are wood carvings, pottery, glass blowing and traditional Hungarian embroideries! Across the city, the outdoor baths throw Christmas parties too!

Tallinn Christmas


Tallinn is as close to a fairytale as you’ll get at Christmas time and the tree is the main character. Here you’ll find plenty of tasty Estonian cuisines such as sour cabbage, black pudding, gingerbread and hot drinks! Santa is about too – you can even go and visit him in his own house.

Vienna at Christmas


Slightly on the fancier side, we have Vienna. Walk around here and you’ll be comforted by the aromas of chestnut and international choirs singing carols! There are markets all over the city in front of some fancy buildings like the City Hall, Belvedere Palace, between the Museum of Natural History and Museum of Art as well as Schonbrunn Palace. Boujee indeed.

Poznan at Christmas


Poznań’s Christmas Market is called Poznań Bethlehem and the winter wonderland is filled with regional crafts. There’s even an ice festival on the 7th and 8th of December where you can see some amazing ice sculptures!

Prague Christmas market


Prague’s main Christmas Markets feature in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Lights are the main hallmark of Prague at Christmas time and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find plenty of lovely ceramic gifts and jewellery as well as more amazing food. Highlights include; Pražská Šunka – large hams roasted on sticks, Klobása – barbecued sausages that are very unhealthy but very tasty, and Langoš – an extremely tasty Hungarian flatbread served with garlic and sour cream. Are you drooling yet? The lights in both markets are re-lit every hour from dusk too!

Erfurt Christmas market


And here we are back in Germany! In the medieval town of Erfurt you’ll find one of the most traditional German Christmas Markets. Lit up paper stars are everywhere, merry-go-rounds for kids to ride, the iconic Christmas pyramid as you can see in the photo and some sturdy German trinkets for the tree! And of course, a lovely mug of that blessed Glühwein, the best thing about Christmas!