Europe’s Most Haunted

Europe’s Most Haunted

05/10/2019 Off By Peigi MacVicar

Are you a thrill-seeker who enjoys experiencing haunted castles or ruins? Does the feeling of a ghost passing through your body excite you? Even if it doesn’t you still love to read about it.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle is the home of Count Dracula, the spooky vampire from Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula, so if you’ve read it before you might feel like you’ve already visited the castle shrouded in mystery. It’s said by some of the thousands of visitors that visit the castle every year that ghosts are roaming the castle and have reported hearing wailing noises at night. Creepy huh? Another eerie legend associated with the town of Bran is that some of its citizens are thought to be ‘Strigoi’. Now if you haven’t heard, in Romanian mythology this refers to troubled spirits and people whose souls leave their bodies to terrorize the village at night. Pretty dark if you ask me but definitely makes it tempting to visit!

Chateau de Brissac

Chateau de Brissac, France

This castle is well known for having its own resident ghost, the ‘Green Lady’ or more ominously, ‘la Dame Verte’. Similar to the story of Wolfsegg below it’s said that she was murdered by her husband in the 15th century for being unfaithful. Why is she green? Maybe we need to visit to find out!

Wolfsegg Burg

Wolfsegg Castle, Germany

Wolfsegg Castle is a beautiful looking Bavarian castle but is known as one of Germany’s most haunted buildings. Locals have been reporting haunting goings-on here since the 1500s since the owner supposedly murdered his wife for being involved in an affair, he and his sons then died soon after. Visitors have said they’ve seen a ‘White Woman’ in the hallways of the castle, presumably the owner’s wife. Would you risk visiting?

Poveglia, Italy

Poveglia is a tiny island close by to Venice – sounds like a nice place to go on holiday, right? Well, not when you find out why it was constructed… the island was built in the late 1700s by the Venetian government and used for twenty years as a plague quarantine station! It is said that the island took on over 160,000 infected people for their final days on earth. Rumour has it that 50% of the soil is now made up of remains, *shivers*. What makes this even spookier is that no one knows much about the island as it has never been fully investigated. Would you go near it?

Chateau Miranda

Chateau Miranda, Belgium

One of Belgium’s grandest castles at one point turned into a ‘ghost hunter’s paradise’ when it was abandoned in 1991. The Chateau was built in 1886 as a summer house for wealthy aristocrats but the architect died during the construction and his cause of death is unknown. The four-story should-have-been-fairytale castle was taken over during WW2 to become an orphanage for ill children, I think you can see where this is going. What’s more sinister than ghost children? The property was abandoned in 1991 and four years later a fire broke out damaging the Chateau majorly… but no one knows how this happened nor was it investigated. Through this and a storm in 2006, the clock tower kept on ticking until it was completely demolished in October 2017, the ghosts remain in the ruins though.