Most Instagrammable Places in the Mediterranean

Most Instagrammable Places in the Mediterranean

25/09/2019 Off By Peigi MacVicar

What do you think of when someone mentions the Mediterranean? Memories of dry warmth, fresh salads doused in olive oil and reaching the height of relaxation on the beach perhaps? Ahh… there’s no place like it. Now, don’t get me wrong the whole of the Med is beautiful but here I’m going to showcase the Top 11 most Instagrammable spots across this sea for all you Insta fiends looking for some new pics to make your feed pop. We all love a holiday and we all love an Insta so these destinations are guaranteed to brighten up your feed with all sorts of sparkling colours and cute towns while suppressing that wanderlust too!

Valencia Street


Let’s start with Valencia, the city with a beach. This little city is right on the seaside so prepare to explore the town all morning and relax on the beach all evening. There are plenty of outdoor cafes with tasty Spanish pastries and strong coffee that are fitting for a photo op or down the beach with the rocky coastline in the background!

Turquoise sea in Sardinia


Onto Sardinia, this island speaks for itself. Here you are surrounded by the Mediterranean which undoubtedly increases the opportunities for photos as the seriously bright turquoise sea is just asking to be posted on your feed. Grab a pic while discovering coves or indeed the ancient historic locations on the island. Be prepared to experience some great culture, beauty and food all at once.

Dusk in Beziers


Have you heard of Bèziers? This beautiful French town built by the Romans has a lot to offer, a few minutes drive from the sea but also a peaceful town in itself that’s bound to surprise you with its beauty and character!

Azure Window, Malta


This famous Maltese spot is a must for your Instagram if you’re travelling in Europe. The Blue Lagoon Azure Window is the place to go and have fun and get some great photos at the same time. Malta has plenty to see including prehistoric temples and lots of opportunity for professional scuba diving – then this wonder to jump into at the end of the day!

Stoney street in Croatia


Croatia has a long and rugged coastline with many islands and coastal towns to discover. Wander the sweet streets of Croatian villages without ever being too far from the sea!

White rock arches over sea

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands have the bluest seas and the whitest coasts – this is where dreams come true! Surrounded by paradise there is hardly anywhere or anything that isn’t Instagrammable…

Town in Corsica


Corsica is mountains, lush forests and unbelievable coastline – it’s got everything you’d need from a stunning holiday location fit for Instagram.

Oranges and Etna


In Sicily, you’re not going to struggle to take an orange themed photo if that’s what your feed is missing. The island is bursting with great Italian food and culture, explore the Greek Temples and Mount Etna to be guaranteed a lovely photo.


Cinque Terre

The five tiny towns of Cinque Terre are a mix of colourful houses only accessible by train or ferry as they’re on such steep terrain. Take a dip into the azure of Manarola, eat al fresco in the narrow streets of Corniglia and lick on gelato on the pier of Vernazza.

Rocky Mallorca


Mallorca is the place to go for a beach pic with beautiful limestone mountains for the backdrop!

Sunset in Fethiye


Spend the day parasailing over the turquoise sea or discover the wrecks beneath it and in the evening, watch the colours shift to orange and red as the sun sets over the mountains. No matter where you look there are opportunities for snaps.