Ibiza 18-30 Clubbing Holiday

Ibiza 18-30 Clubbing Holiday

03/08/2017 Off By Robert Murran



I always wanted to do a clubbing holiday with my mates and then we discovered the 18-30 holidays online and knew it was exactly what we were looking for.


An 18-30 holiday (or just a clubbing holiday) is not for the light-hearted or just someone who likes going for a casual low-key drink. This is the kind of holiday where sleep is minimal, drinks are full capacity and you spend the day lounging by the water. It may sound terrifying to some people but for us this was perfect. I’ve always wanted a proper lads holiday that would include lots of drinks, nights out and just enjoying ourselves. An 18-30 holiday made sure that this would be the case.

San Antonio, Ibiza.

It’s not just your average ‘adult exclusive holiday’, it is a holiday for people who like to party with events and parties running 24/7. And although we were away for a lads holiday we all still wanted somewhere nice to go. With the club 18-30 there were so many options from Ayia Napa or Magaluf to Kavos but we decided on Ibiza because we’ve always wanted to go to San Antonio.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Before booking we searched around to find the best deals and the best prices. We ended up getting a great deal for the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in the centre of San Antonio but there were also club 18-30 package deals from Thomas Cook that looked decent. With Ibiza Rocks Hotel there were great deals on the rooms, from the cheapest house room to the more expensive (but still reasonable) Rockstar Apartment. We decided to go middle of the range with a room facing towards the ‘chill out pool’. This meant we could maybe get a few hours sleep at night, but next time I’d go for a main stage facing room to get the full experience.


Life is better in Ibiza

We were happy when we arrived at the hotel because the hotel reception was really clean and looked like a great place to stay. The reviews online could put you off ever going on a 18-30 holiday but I can say that the place was very clean and modern from the start. Even though some people don’t mind an average room when they go on a lads holiday we wanted somewhere we at least felt clean and comfortable in and a place our stuff would be safe throughout the holiday.

The hotel reception staff were very polite and incredibly helpful in letting us know where the best local bars and restaurants were. The holiday reps were offering different prices and deals they had for the boat parties and bar crawls, it was good to see what they were offering but we also took a look on the strip to see what deals they had. They also made sure to give you plenty of free drinks and shots during your stay!

It is also worthwhile looking online for different deals, we were able to get a good deal on an all-inclusive boat party with all drinks included as well as a great DJ on the boat. We got to spend the whole day on the boat enjoying the party with other groups of party-goers and to top it all off the package we booked included free entry to a local club for an after party with all your drinks included! So really you can find your own packages or pick them up from the reps – just scout about first if you’re looking for a good deal.

Ibiza Beach

By day we either lounged about by the rooftop pool, trying to get back to feeling human after the night before or we took a walk around the area in search of food. There is a DJ around the pool area all day that plays brilliant sets, this goes on through the night and there is plenty of activities going on around the hotel during the day too. A few of the days we spent by the beach, sleeping so we were ready for the night to come.

By night we ventured out onto the strip or made our way around on a pub crawl. Right outside the hotel there are taxis so getting anywhere was really handy.

Some of the must-sees when it comes to clubbing in Ibiza are:

  • Amnesia: A well known club in Ibiza, we took a taxi from our hotel (about 10-15 euros) but it was definitely worth it, an overall unforgettable night with some amazing music, great drinks and a great crowd. You can’t go to Ibiza on a clubbing holiday without coming here.
  • Kumharas: ‘Best bar in San Antonio Bay’. We went there for a few drinks before heading out to a bigger club. It was a great start to the night because of the big crowds and the sunset made a nice backdrop.
  • Ocean Beach Ibiza: An expensive night in Ibiza but definitely worth it, some people had bought beds but we enjoyed the night just standing and getting to know other people.
  • Plastik Ibiza: Great drinks deals and packed in the middle of the season, we went back a few times. It’s one of our favourites in the area.
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel: The hotel was amazing for parties, it is well known to throw some of the best parties in San Antonio – and the added bonus that our beds were just upstairs!
    Mediterranean food

Although we weren’t really here for good food, the hotel had plenty of options including its own supermarket which you could get alcohol and the essentials from.

The food around the hotel in the various bars can sometimes be a little pricey but the reps know the best spots in San Antonio to eat.

Here are a few of my favourite places to eat in San Antonio:

  • Contra Vent (near San Jose): A popular place for tourists and locals with great set meals, we went for the Friday night open buffet bbq. Cheap but also very good food with pizza, Mediterranean food and tapas.
  • Royalty: A brilliant place for tapas and also very reasonably priced right on the main street.
  • Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar: A more remote restaurant but definitely worth venturing to for the amazing and well priced tapas.

Overall I would recommend this type of holiday for people going on their first trip away with friends looking for a good time and a great party! The hotel is quiet enough if you pick the right room where you can get some sleep but also has plenty happening throughout the day and evening to get involved in. Just ask the reps and they can point you in the direction of the closest parties!

I’ve done Ibiza but who knows where is next on my 18-30 adult holiday adventures…