A Stress Free Guide to Booking the Best Hotel

A Stress Free Guide to Booking the Best Hotel

16/05/2016 Off By tripsology
Resort Suite at Encore Las Vegas

Resort Suite at Encore Las Vegas


Wherever your next destination may be, booking the best hotel to suit your holiday travel plans, personal requirements and budget is a key element of a successful trip. If you don’t do your research well in advance, getting your accommodation wrong can end up being a costly mistake. While there is no set bullet point list about what every hotel should have, at tripsology we believe that bearing the following key points in mind will help you decide if a place is for you or not.

Our Top Tips to Picking Your Next Hotel:

The Location

If you’re looking to use a hotel as your base to explore the surrounding area, the first thing to check is how conveniently situated the hotel is. Find a specific address and look it up on Google Maps. Some hotels only give the general area location on their websites rather than the full address, which could mean it is situated a long way from the action. How easy will it be to transfer to the hotel from the airport?

The Price

We know that different hotels cost different amounts of money. This is a given. The important thing to consider is if what the hotel is charging matches up to what you feel you should be getting for the money. The star system is a reliable guide for hotels in America and Europe, but in some parts of the world is less so. Don’t take a star rating at face value, look up some customer reviews…

The Hotels Reviews

Never book a hotel without reading what other visitors have had to say about it. Sites such as Trip Advisor and Holiday Check.com provide hotel reviews from the people who have experienced them but at tripsology we help you connect with other tripsologists to get all of your travel questions answered in real time – getting real answers from real people. Reviews won’t always give you a balanced picture, but they will alert you to any potential issues you might run into, and you might find some visitor photos as well. See how well they compare to the hotel’s own pictures on their website.

Must Have Features

Think about what you need from your hotel: Is free WiFi a must have for you, or are you satisfied with just clean sheets and running water?  Make sure you do your research and find out exactly what the hotel offers. We have stayed in all sorts of hotels and have loved most of them, but in amongst the diamonds have been some shockers as well. Our members can benefit from travel advice on all these key points and more and when you join tripsology you can also take advantage of all our tripsologist deals. We provide everything that you need for your next holiday all in one site, from hotels, discounted attraction tickets to flights, package holidays and even car hire – with tripsology travel just couldn’t get any easier!