Choosing the Right Beach Holiday

Choosing the Right Beach Holiday

16/05/2016 Off By tripsology
Pano Beach

Pano Beach, Antigua

When you think of a beach holiday it is usually something sunny, white sands, palm trees and a couple of cold ones on the table under your sunshade.  Oh and let’s not forget the blue of the warm ocean with its gentle waves lashing softly at the sandy shore. Sounds idyllic and definitely something we can all dream about. For those who live in Europe, places such as this are merely hours away and you can leave your home and be on the beach in as little as six hours.

Since the advent of backpacking and hitch-hiking people have travelled alone, albeit from necessity as well as enjoyment. There are hundreds of places you can choose to head to, and the best way to get feedback is to look at travel social network sites, where you can get in touch with likeminded travellers and even meet up with them for a drink or to visit a museum when you get to your destination. What better way to enjoy your holiday than on your own terms. When you want to hang out with someone who appreciates the same art as you, you can do so and when you want to continue alone, you can do that too.

Island Hopping

Beach in Zakynthos Greece

Greece has many islands of outstanding beauty steeped in history making it hard to choose one to visit. You can island-hop, and some are close enough that you can catch a ferry instead of flying to your destination. The weather is pretty much a given between May and October.

The Balearics consist of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera as the four biggest islands, with Palma as the capital. Ibiza has the reputation of being the party island and you can more or less guarantee that if you are looking to party you won’t be disappointed. Majorca and Minorca are the main islands for solo traveller’s and family holidays because they are very people-friendly, regardless of age.

Turkey and Portugal offer excellent scenery, golfing, water sports, trailing and hiking and adventure.  Most European countries have extensive history and using travel based social websites you can link up with fellow travellers who can let you know the best places to stay and the cheapest places to eat.