Fun Honeymoon Destinations

Fun Honeymoon Destinations

04/05/2016 Off By tripsology

It is becoming less common for engaged couples to have present lists these days. There has however been an increase in people asking for monetary donations towards home improvements or honeymoon trips. It seems like a perfect idea when you think about it. Nowadays, people tend to live together before they get married. With that, comes the home building and this cuts out some—in fact many—of the gift options that people can buy when they finally tie the knot.

Options for Your Honeymoon:

There are some places that we at tripsology tend to hear our community talk about for honeymoon destinations. For, instance, how often do you hear people say they would love a vacation on a white sandy beach, drinking a cocktail in the warm Caribbean sun? Probably quite few, we think.

Caribbean Bliss


The Caribbean is the ideal location for soft sand, clear waters and warm weather most of the year around. Do be mindful when you book though as you will want to avoid the height of the hurricane season (September and October). There are a number of affordable, 5* luxury hotels in locations such as Barbados and Saint Lucia so take a look at what we have to offer.

Kenyan Safari

Kenyan Safari

If you fancy more of an exotic adventure, you can choose the wonderful experience of a safari in Africa. Kenya is known for its excellent safari holidays, and some of the talkholiday team can personally let you know just how fun they can be! You can marvel at the wildlife and breathtaking nature with an experience you’ll never forget. You don’t have to stay in a tent either as there are many luxury hotel options catered to newlyweds.

Touring Thailand

Thailand Tours

If safaris are not your thing, you can try a different type of exotic location in the form of a trip to Thailand. Many years ago people would not have considered Thailand as a typical honeymoon destination thanks to hoards of backpackers but it now has far more of a pull than ever. Explore this country’s colourful culture with trips to the stunning temples near Chiang Maior or elephant trekking in Ko Samui.

American West Coast Road Trip

American Road Trip

The California coast is approximately 850 miles long. Starting from the Imperial Beach on the southernmost point to Pelican Bay at the northernmost point, California is warm, sandy and exciting. Taking a road trip along the Californian coast is one of the most interesting trips you could take. You do not have to stay in California, either. You can carry on north through Oregon, which has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and continue up through Washington if you are so inclined. It is all good fun, so enjoy!

When going on honeymoon, you don’t have to feel restricted to the traditional breaks many couples take – to Mauritius, Barcelona and so on. Lovely as these places are, for couples with a sense of adventure there are plenty of fun alternatives available. Join one of our many community groups and start gathering ideas to make sure your honeymoon is the holiday of a lifetime!