How to do Ibiza on a Budget

How to do Ibiza on a Budget

16/05/2016 Off By tripsology

Whilst Ibiza used to be known as the club capital of Europe, you’ll be pleased to know it’s got a lot more serious in its old age. As the young revellers head to the likes of Kavos and Magaluf, Ibiza has become a classier affair for people looking to combine clubbing with some beautiful beach time. However, Ibiza still isn’t a cheap holiday but there are a few shortcuts you can take to save some money if you plan on heading to the island that never sleeps!

“Ibiza and Formentera August and September 2011" by David Sim, licenced under CC BY 2.0

[“Ibiza and Formentera August and September 2011″ by David Sim, licenced under CC BY 2.0


1. Buy in Advance

Do you plan on doing more than just sitting on the beach? There are a number of fun activities you can do including a jet boat rideor tour of the underground Can Marҫa caves. Purchasing your tickets through guarantees at least 10% off all prices so you can enjoy more fun activities!

2. Flying on the Cheap

We know that Heathrow and Gatwick are the two premium priced locations to fly to Europe. So, keeping that in mind, why not see if you can fly from somewhere else, such as Manchester? Other airports need to make sure they charter flights are filled otherwise it is not worth their while. You might get a cheaper seat if you are willing to go from another airport. Also consider your travel time. If you do not mind getting up at 3am and traveling to your destination at an ungodly hour, you will benefit by saving serious money on your tickets and holiday costs.

3. All-Inclusive v. Self-catering

We might not all be experienced in traveling and reaping the benefits of cheap travel, but there is a lot to gain from choosing your accommodation wisely. For instance, if you go to Ibiza on an all-inclusive holiday you are paying in advance for your food and drinks. However, if you choose self-catering, you are likely to benefit twice. Firstly, you will not eat as much as you would if you were all-inclusive and therefore you will not pile on the holiday pounds. Also, you will not spend as much because your food will be bought in a local store and you can pick and choose. Take a look at our great range of accommodation to decide what works best for you.

“Pacha” by John Sexton, licenced under CC BY 2.0

“Pacha” by John Sexton, licenced under CC BY 2.0


4. Partying on the cheap

Want to start the party early? Watch the sunset on one of the popular boat parties with an open bar, cocktails, dinner and dancing all at a great price through If you have dinner at Pacha, you will get free entry to the club. Whilst there is a minimum spend per person of £60, entry alone normally costs £35-£50 offering much better value for money. Space also offers half price entry if you get there before 9pm giving you the chance to discover the next big thing as the warm up acts start.

So, why not do Ibiza on a budget, now you have all the best ways to save money! Got your own money saving tips? Share them with our community by joining!