Spend More Time Sightseeing

Spend More Time Sightseeing

09/08/2016 Off By tripsology

Life’s a beach…but don’t want to lie on it all day?

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We all love a bit of sunshine on holiday and let’s face it; good weather is one of the reasons we all pack up our troubles into our shiny new suitcases and head for sunny spots every year. There’s nothing nicer than landing in your holiday hotspot to soaring temperatures and heading for the beach to catch a few rays. However, according to a recent report from Trip Advisor, Brits abroad spend more time sunbathing than sightseeing. Tourists spend an average of two hours and 53 minutes every day simply toasting themselves under the blazing sun. It also revealed that on average, we spend over an hour each day in the pub!


The stereotypical image of Brits abroad as something we’re keen to shake off as more and more of us look for more cultural activities on holiday than ever before. We all know the dangers of too much sunshine and the effect it has on our skin so it’s little wonder we want to take cover from the harmful UV rays of an afternoon and educate ourselves with some local sight-seeing. Many of us don’t realise the historical wonders that lie a stone’s throw from the busy holiday resorts we flock to each year.

Taking a Picture

We’ve teamed up with Lonely Planet to give you some inspiration this summer. Lonely Planet’s activity and sightseeing guides show you some of the best day trips and cultural hotspots to visit.


Planning on living la dolce vita in Italy this year? We show you how to soak up some of the delights of this Mediterranean gem that is just steeped in history and folklore. Grab yourself a gelato and take a fun walking tour of the Vatican’s treasures or discover the wonders of ancient Rome and the Colosseum. There are also exciting day trips to Capri, Pompeii and Tuscany.

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For those of you heading to the States on your American dream this summer, there’s simply loads of amazing trips and activities to give you more bang for your buck. Choose from helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon or even the Big Apple.

Beach Family

Lonely Planet has some top ideas for families too if you want to tear your little darlings away from the beach. Go on; skip the sand dunes and soak up what the country has to offer. You’ll be sure to impress all your friends with your exciting tales when you get back. Don’t forget to tell us too. We’d love you to share your experiences and tip with our members who might just be thinking of following in your footsteps.

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