Summer Holiday Destinations 2014

Summer Holiday Destinations 2014

13/05/2016 Off By tripsology

Now that spring is here, the clocks have gone forward, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are creeping up the way you’re probably finding yourself longing for summer to begin. I know I am!

So where should you go on your summer holiday this year? Here’s tripsology’s pick of the most exciting places to pick for your summer holidays.


Old Man Of Storr | Isle Of Skye | Scotland

Old Man Of Storr, Isle Of Skye, Scotland

Scotland is a great destination any time of year, but especially in summer and even more so this summer.

2014 is a massive year for Scotland as it hosts the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder  Cup among other high profile events. This is the year that Scotland will really put itself on the map and there’s a real buzz around the country as people try to show off the best parts of this wonderful country and show them a friendly Scottish welcome.

Scotland is a country filled with beautiful, natural scenery that visitors simply fall in love with (especially when the sun shines!) and vibrant, eclectic cities where you’ll never be short of things to do.



Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Iceland is such a hot destination right now and it’s not just a winter destination, it’s also perfect for a summer holiday. The volcanic landscape is covered by layers of snow for many months in the winter but in summer reveals some lush, green scenes that you wouldn’t believe belonged there.

If you visit Iceland in summer you’ll witness the magnificent site of the midnight sun which is out almost constantly in the summer months. Imagine how much more sightseeing you’ll be able to fit in with so many daylight hours!

Bosnia and Herzegovinia

Mostar Bridge | Bosnia and Herzegovinia

Mostar Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovinia

Bosnia and Herzegovinia is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting and diverse areas in southeast Europe, although for now it remains relatively free from mass tourism. This means prices are cheap, experiences are local and authentic and it offers a raw travel experience at its very best.

In summer the temperatures stick around 40 degrees Celsius so it’s the perfect place if you want to work on a tan or just love really hot weather.

The mixture of languages and cultures in Bosnia and Herzegovinia give it a wonderful, inclusive feel  and it is a country blessed with cultural heritage inherited from six historical civilizations.


Valleta Capitol Of Malta

Valleta The Capitol Of Malta

Malta is an island that can be found in the southern Mediterranean, almost as close to Africa as it is to the rest of Europe. This means it basks in hot sunshine for the entirety of the summer and is lucky  enough to have mild winters too.

Malta has a great history and was under British rule until 1964 which means it retains much of its British charm. Keep your eyes peeled for red telephone boxes and red post boxes.

This small island also boasts an incredible nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the ancient city of Mdina which is known as the ‘Silent City’ and has a beautiful mixture of Norman and Baroque architecture.

So, where will you choose for your summer holiday?