Taking an Exotic Cruise Break

Taking an Exotic Cruise Break

13/05/2016 Off By tripsology

In North America, many of the middle-aged and retired people head for Arizona during the winter months, much in the same way as bird migrate south for the winter. Here in the United Kingdom however, retired people have the choice—and a much wider one at that—of going anywhere within Europe with just a short trip. Most people initially think of flying but there’s another great, yet under-rated type of holiday that many enjoying a more relaxed pace of life love; a good ol’ cruise.

Come on, how many times have you said to your significant other “I wouldn’t mind doing a Caribbean cruise this year”, or “Here, why don’t we take a cruise around the Greek Islands?” It must have crossed your mind and if it did not let’s find out why! A cruise is the perfect way to see multiple destinations without having to worry about travelling or packing up your belongings. A cruise ship is essentially a fascinating floating hotel, with bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, casinos and a whole bunch of other entertainment options. Also, not to mention the swimming pools, the deck sports, the golf, the sunbathing and everything you could dream of. It is ideal and the perfect getaway with an all-inclusive price.

Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea
“Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea” by vv@ldzen, licenced under CC By 2.0

The Caribbean

So, the Caribbean is well known as a cruising destination and no wonder! You will have a beautiful view and a consistent temperature of around 28°C in the daytime, rarely dropping below the low 20’s all year round. You get to see some of the most beautiful scenery, including St. Lucia and Jamaica and tick some great sights off your bucket list. You can also take a Caribbean cruise anytime of the year, but the hurricane season runs from June to November each year so please do consider this when booking. September and October are the worst times to go as the hurricane season is in full swing, so why not consider a winter a winter getaway in December or January to avoid the cold weather of UK? Take a look at our website for great deals on Caribbean cruises.

Mediterranean Cruise

You can take a superb summer cruise around the balmy temperature of the Mediterranean Sea. Visit the Balearic Islands, Italy and possibly even venture into Croatia on one of these cruises. The good thing about a European cruise is that you will get the chance to do some sightseeing in some of the top cities without having to navigate your way around on the roads! There’s also the chance to pick up a bargain with many of the stops having fantastic shopping areas.

Oia, Santorini
“Oia, Santorini” by Pedro Szekely, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands have so much to offer from beautiful beaches to exquisite food. You can hop between the islands and get a feel for how the culture changes on each one. You’ll find everything a tourist and explorer could want with white washed houses and rural walking paths. You are sure to have a thoroughly relaxing time if you choose a Greek cruise! Take a look here for some of the best Cruise deals on the market.

If you catch the cruise bug, there is no end of exotic destinations offered to the intrepid luxury traveller. Cruise liners regularly ply the waters around Greenland, Antarctica, Norway, Australia and many other interesting destinations that you may not have considered before.