Essential Holiday Phrases

16/05/2016 Off By tripsology

A big stumbling block when travelling abroad can be overcoming the language barrier. If holidaying in a popular tourist destination, you will find that many people do speak English to a degree. However, here at tripsology, we believe that it is important to try and engage with locals in their own language – it shows respect for their culture and an interest in their country. You’ve got to try, and it is amazing how knowing a few key phrases can make people warm to you, and feel more inclined to help. Below you can find some phrases to get you started. From chatting up your dream French mademoiselle to finding a pharmacy in Italy, we’ve got the basics covered. So brush up on those accents, and get ready to have a giggle trying!

Our Top Holiday Phrases:


French Phrases


German Phrases


Italian Phrases


Spanish Phrases


Greek Phrases

It’s worth picking up a mini dictionary before you travel – last time I went to Spain, we had a leak in our hotel room, and I was going out of my mind trying to figure out the word for ‘leak’ and ended up playing a prolonged game of charades with the reception staff. Remember to follow your destination on tripsology before you go, and pick up hot tips from fellow travellers.

Bon voyage!