tripsology’s Top 10 Flight Tips

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Do you love travelling but maybe you find the airport a hassle or do you get stressed out on planes? Fear not. We’ve compiled some of the best tips from tripsologists to help you ease into your holiday without getting flustered. After all, your vacation starts the minute you arrive at the check in desk and we want you to jet off feeling totally chilled and ready for your next adventure.

1. Before you go – are your documents in order?

Travel Documents

Don’t want until you’re at the airport to check if your passport is still valid or that you have met your airline/destination entry requirements. Check, check and double check in plenty of time before you travel. Be sure to check if your API (Advance Passenger Information) has been completed – it’s not usually required on domestic flights but you will have to do this on most international flights. It’s a mandatory process that airlines must provide to the relevant country’s authorities before their passengers travel on specific routes. If these details are not provided, a passenger will not be able to travel. Do check with your airline ahead of departure.

Okay, so once you have all your documents in order – have them arranged in a clear wallet in your hand luggage so that you can access exactly what you need and quickly. Or, embrace technology and go paperless. Many airlines issue e-tickets and electronic boarding passes that can be added to your mobile phone/device.

2. Choose your travel day carefully


Travelling midweek when airports and flights are generally less crowded can get your holiday off to a flying start. Travelling on less popular days has clear benefits – the queues won’t be as long as the check in desk or at security and often you can bag yourself cheaper fares if you opt to fly on say, Tuesday instead of Friday or Saturday.

3. Keep calm and carry on

Airport Baggage

Do make sure you adhere to your airline’s baggage policy. You don’t want to rock up to the check in desk only to be told your bag is too big or too heavy and end up having to pay out extra money. If you think you’re going to be over the weight limit, add extra hold baggage at the time of booking your flight. It’s always cheaper than doing it on the day and you can avoids being stung on hefty charges. If it’s a short trip, consider taking carry on hand luggage – go for a capsule wardrobe of easy care garments you can freshen up and you can always buy toiletries in duty free once you’re through security or buy them when you get to your destination.

4. Turning Left

Business Class Airplane

If you can afford it, tripsologists have said that upgrading to business class was worth every penny – especially on longer flights. Contact your airline ahead of travel to check prices and availability or ask at the check in desk when you arrive as sometimes there are ‘on the day’ deals to upgrade at a reduced rate. Be sure to join airline loyalty and reward programmes as you might get lucky and get bumped up without having to pay a penny. Frequent flyers are generally the first to be upgraded if the opportunity arises.

5. Got connecting flights or a layover?

Airport Lounge

Do you have more than a few hours to kill before your connecting flight? Consider reserving a room in an airport hotel, however small or cheap. You can rest for a while and take a shower or change so that you feel refreshed and raring to go on the next leg of your journey. If you only have a couple of hours to get through, you could just find a quiet corner and sit down with a book or listen to some music but some tripsologists have strongly recommended booking one of the airport lounges for an hour or two. This is without doubt a far more civilised way to pass the time away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal. tripsologists have said that booking airport lounges through was a good experience.

6. In-flight comforts

In-flight Comforts

We all want our journey to be as pleasant as possible but sometimes things get in the way of that – like other people who aren’t as considerate as you. We’ve all experienced them…chatty person in the next seat, unruly kids, arm rest hoggers…the list goes on.

tripsologists have shared some of their etiquette and flight enhancing tips with us. Avoid bare feet at all costs…nobody wants to see your trotters. Ever. If you must remove your shoes, wear proper flight socks/compression stockings – apart from covering up your feet, they are also good for minimising the risk of DVT.

7. Sound investment

Airplane Headphones

tripsologists have said the best way to stay calm and avoid noisy folks around you is to buy a set of noise cancelling earphones. This way you can enjoy zen like silence as you glide over the clouds. Alternatively, you can drown out cabin sounds by tuning into good music or watching a movie or tv programme to while away your journey.

8. What to wear

Airplane Clothes

Ok, you might be landing in the tropics where the heat blasts you as soon as you step onto the tarmac but planes can be cold and your journey will be more comfortable if you dress in layers. You can have your t shirt under a cardigan or sweater. The top layer(s) can be removed as and when required and you won’t need to keep reaching for your jacket in the overhead locker. Always remember to wear clothes you’ll be comfortable in – it’s all very well wanting to look super chic but tripsologists say go for comfort over style every time and wearing loose fitting, breathable garments allow for any swelling during the flight. Ladies, try to avoid high heels and always wear shoes you can get on and off easily in case you’re asked to remove them going through security. You don’t want to spend ages lacing up those fancy boots or strappy sandals!

9. Little luxuries in the air

Airplane Wine

Why not order something special ahead of your trip and instead of waiting for the trolley to finally reach your row, cabin crew will have your order prepared and will usually dispatch to your seat before they commence their in-flight catering service. Perhaps some chilled Champagne or nice wine? Remember to drink responsibly though – alcohol dehydrates so be sure to drink plenty of water too.

10. Airport/Resort Transfers

Airport Transfers

You know the feeling – you’re just about to land and you start to panic about getting a taxi and you don’t want to spend the first hour of your holiday queueing for a cab. Tripsologists recommend booking your airport transfer before your trip to avoid this unnecessary stress. They have suggested using and for booking transfers from the airport. You want to arrive at your hotel in style and with a smile on your face!

Have you got any other travel tips you want to share with the community? We’re all ears…