The Best London Street Food

The Best London Street Food

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10 grab and go places to tickle your taste buds

Street food is a ‘thing’ these days. No longer is it confined to the hotdog stand at 3am when you’ve just left the club and the munchies have hit. In recent years, street food markets and stalls have been popping up all over the place and the delicious wares these guys are dishing up is not just for foodies on a budget, it’s ideal for sampling lots of different foods without the expense of dining in several flashy restaurants but it’s also fun to dabble in new flavours on the go, with the aid of a plastic fork and a napkin.

This week, we look at some of the best spots across London to try out some of these mouth-watering cuisines. And just think, if you’re eating on the hoof, you’ll be able to burn off those extra calories. Guilt-free nosh – lovely!
Eating on London’s streets has never been easier. Check out Kerb. With market style outlets in many popular areas across the city, they have some great street food traders cooking up a storm right in front of you.

The Patate

Photo supplied by The Patate

Beef bourguignon stew in a bun, anyone? Sounds c’est magnifique, oui?
Fuel up with the delicious offerings at The Patate at Camden Market.

Smokin Lotus

Photo supplied by Smokin' Lotus

Photo supplied by Smokin’ Lotus

If zingy Oriental style food is your thing, don’t miss Asian BBQ restaurant Smokin’ Lotus. They’ve opened up at The Magic Roundabout, a bar, street food and party space in the middle of Old Street roundabout. You can also grab some of this delicious fare at other locations in the city.

Crepes a la Carte

Photo supplied by Crepes a la Carte

Serving up mouth-watering sweet or savoury options, these are some of the best crepes this side of the Channel. Monday to Saturday at Camden Market and check out their additional locations.

Mother Clucker

Photo supplied by Mother Clucker

Perfect for sizzling chicken strips and yummy Cajun fries, you can find the ‘Cluck Truck’ at The Truman Brewery in Shordeditch (7 days a week) or at Flat Iron Square near London Bridge (Tuesday to Saturday).

Club Mexicana!


Tacos, burritos and nachos galore – simply bangin’ Mexican inspired vegan street food.
Find them at KERB Camden Market.

Taco Dave!


Sample some more tangy nosh at Taco Dave and don’t miss the Dr Pepper & Chipotle Brisket tacos.


STAKEhaus Photo supplied by STAKEhaus

For meat lovers, sometimes you can’t beat a good old steak and chips and Stakehaus is just the spot to fill up on just that. Steaks are served with a choice of sauces; Béarnaise, Billy Gruff Butter and The STAKEHAUS Secret Sauce. Mouth-watering stuff…
Catch them at Camden Market, 7 days a week.

Lulu Schnitzel at Camden Market

Lulu Shnitzel Photo Supplied by Lulu Schnitzel

Delicious breaded chicken on its own, in a bun or served with chips and dipping sauces. We don’t mind…we’ll try them all, please! Check out Lulu Schnitzel at Camden Market.


Yumbun Photo Supplied by YumBun

Handmade steamed yumbuns and yumplings available all week at The Kitchens, Old Spitalfield Market and on weekends at Street Feast Dinerama Shoreditch, Hawker House Canada Street, and Street Feast Public, Woolwich.
Find out exact times and locations on the Yumbun website!


Meltsmiths Photo supplied by Meltsmiths

Fancy some real comfort food? You can’t miss the yummiest grilled cheese sandwiches from Meltsmiths. Take a look at the cheese-tastic snacks on offer or follow them on Twitter for location updates.

If you can’t be bothered finding all of the great street foods stops by yourself, you can always join this fun tour from

London Street Food Taxi Tour

There seems to be a tour for just about everything these days and if you find yourself looking for something to do in London, this unique attraction will certainly give you a taste of urban London combined with some of the best flavours from around the world – with a bit of sight-seeing thrown in for good measure! The perfect way to see the city in comfort and tickle your taste buds at the same time. You can expect everything from oysters to truffles, Thai, Jamaican jerk chicken, traditional British pasties and just about everything else in between. Check out the London Street Food Taxi Tour.

If all this talk of food is making you hungry for a weekend break in the bright lights of London, our friends at also have a handy, quick search map of London’s street food stalls and markets so be sure to check them out and you can book flights and accommodation for your London trip here too.