Top 10 Cities for Great Street Food

Top 10 Cities for Great Street Food

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Top Cities in the World for Street Food

Food is such a big part of any holiday experience and even if you’re not very adventurous when it comes to eating international cuisines and delicacies, you should at least try one new thing on every trip or in every country you visit. You might even find your new favourite dish!

Granted, many of us opt for nice restaurants and recommended ‘must do’ eateries that we’ve read about in the tour guides. That’s fine, but maybe one night, take a wander out into the town and do as the locals do. Mingle with the community and eat from one of the street food stalls that grace just about every city in the world. So many people have claimed that it’s where they’ve eaten the most authentic cooking, so maybe it’s time to give it a whirl.

Street Food Stall

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular spots on the street food scene and here’s our top ten places.
We’ve even sourced some great local food tours you can pre-book ahead of your trip if you’d prefer to experience the street food scene with the help and knowledge of an expert guide.

Bangkok, Thailand

Street Food Venor, Thailand

Unsurprisingly, Asia seems to lead the pack when it comes to street food. Bangkok’s Chinatown is the place to get your taste buds tingling if you’re ever looking for a new experience here in the bustling Thai capital.

Tokyo, Japan

Staying in the Far East, we head to the bright lights of Tokyo where you will find some awesome street food available. Try out some local favourites such as yakitori, monjayaki or wagashi. You can also widen your knowledge of Japanese culture and culinary traditions on a night food tour with a local guide.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur: Street Food by Anna & Michal (CC BY 2.0)

Fancy eating like a local? Sample some delicious Malaysian delicacies around KL’s lively street food open air food stands and hawker centres. A great way to do this is to join a small group tour and learn all about Malaysian food and customs with an expert guide. Discover the Local Food Tours in Kuala Lumpur.

Beijing, China


If you find yourself strolling around the streets of Beijing, there are some seriously tasty snacks on offer that you simply must try. Let your inner foodie take over and tuck into things like fried dough rings, stir fried pork liver, tea soup, Baozi (stuffed steamed buns), noodles, dim sum and all manner of seafood and rice dishes. The stalls are also bursting with exotic ingredients and the vendors are usually happy to chat away while they cook up a storm. You can brush up on your Chinese too!
Check out this Beijing Street Food Tour.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Street Market

For a real taste of Turkey and some of its most popular foods, you can’t miss the street vendors and stalls in the heart of the capital, Istanbul. Try some pide (Turkish pizza), simit (bagel type breads) and genuine, authentic Turkish delight and Baklava – the famous sweetmeats of the country. If you love a good old Doner kebab, then you’ve come to the right place.

Explore Istanbul Street Food tours with

Mexico City, Mexico

Things really start to sizzle here in Mexico City when it comes to food. Tacos, Tortatillas and Tamales aplenty from trucks, stalls and hawkers on just about every corner. Grab a slice of the action on a city food and markets walking tour.

New Orleans, USA

Louisiana Crawfish, New Orleans

Who could talk about tasty world foods without mentioning the sizzling flavours of The Big Easy? The dishes of the Deep South will send your senses into overdrive. Make our way through the list of Creole, Cajun and French inspired dishes. If you only try two things it has to be a Jambalaya and a Gumbo.
Check out all the top food tours available in New Orleans.

Marrakech, Morocco

Tagine making, Morocco

Head straight for the medinas and souks to sample the best of Moroccan street food. Haggle at meat markets and munch on aubergine fritters, spicy sardines, snail soups, tagine and all manner of super sweet pastries as you wander through the maze of stalls and stands.
Experience Marrakech food stalls and markets.

Paris, France

French Crepe

You might not think of Paris as an obvious place for street food – you’re probably thinking more along the lines of swanky haute cuisine restaurants and quaint cafes to stop off in. However, even the Parisians have embraced the quick and affordable fayre that’s popping up on the hallowed streets of the French capital. Head for Place du Marche Saint Honore for artisan style street foods. You’ll find gourmet burger, crepes, bagels, and all manner of yummy bakery items. There’s also a good choice of international cuisines available such as Lebanese, Indian and Mediterranean dishes but I’m afraid our favourites must be the crepes loaded with lashings of cheese or if you’re sweet toothed, have yours smeared in Nutella. You can always walk off the calories!
Why not take a tour of a Paris market, sampling the best local produce and food stalls during your trip?

London, UK

Southbank Centre Food Market, London

Street food is a ‘thing’ in London these days too and it’s not all jellied eels and pie and mash either! There’s some phenomenal food stands and outdoor stalls dotted around London where you can sample dozens of world flavours on the go.
You’ll find steaks, burgers, tacos, chicken and a selection of Asian inspired bbq foods as well.
Jump in a London taxi tour of the best street food if you can’t be bothered walking…