Top Five Winter City Breaks

Top Five Winter City Breaks

07/11/2017 Off By tripsology

Wrap up and explore some of Europe’s best cities this winterGirl in the Winter Snow

City breaks are so popular right now. A couple of days or a long weekend in new surroundings; you know the saying, ‘a change is as good as a rest’.

Winter City Breaks

Our members seem to be going off on them all year round but at this time of year when we don’t have oodles of holidays left at work, it’s a great option for squeezing in another holiday before the end of the year and it’s also a great way of seeing somewhere that you might not consider for your big two-week summer holiday. In fact, some of the cities we’ve chosen are possibly even more beautiful in the winter months as Jack Frost sprinkles his magic dust over them, giving them a seasonal makeover, transforming them into beautiful winter wonderlands.
There are some super flight and hotel deals around for European city breaks and we’ve combined the prettiest places with the best prices we can find to bring you our top five picks for winter. Baby, it may be cold outside but these places are sizzling!


Berlin Dome in Winter

This city has really seen a surge in popularity this year and rightly so. Reasonably priced flights from regional airports will whisk you off to the German capital which is teeming with historical monuments, museums and culture. Although one of Europe’s most exciting cities, Berlin has a fragile history and stark reminders of the past will surround you. However, a vibrant nightlife and cutting edge architecture sit quite harmoniously alongside such historical landmarks. The city’s signature attraction, Brandenburg Gate is worth the plane fare alone and a must on your ‘to do’ list is Checkpoint Charlie and The Berlin Wall Memorial and Visitor Centre.
There’s much more to Berlin than simply memorials to its turbulent past and political war games. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant café culture and numerous fabulous restaurants dishing up Germany’s exciting cuisine.
For suggestions on where to stay check out TripAdvisor’s 10 best Berlin hotels.


Krakow City | Poland

Krakow has become a popular choice for culture vultures and history lovers and it’s easy to see why. A new Polish hotspot for city break fans, this atmospheric city has an impressive Old Town packed with majestic buildings, soaring church spires and fascinating museums. A lovely fusion of past and present.
This Polish gem is perfect for a few days visiting legendary castles, churches and all manner of historical landmarks. Krakow was also the birthplace of the late Pope John Paul II and as such, attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The main square is the centrepiece of the Old Town and an ideal spot to do a bit of people watching or simply soak up the atmosphere.

Krakow attractions you must visit:

For ideas and prices take a look at TripAdvisors 10 best Krakow hotels.


Tallinn City in Winter | Estonia

Estonia’s capital on the Baltic Sea is also the country’s largest city and cultural hub. It’s also pretty compact so you can cover a lot of ground in a couple of days, making the most of your time here and it helps that the airport is only 15 minutes from the centre of town. The Old Town and historic centre is beautifully preserved and visitors can meander through the narrow, cobbled streets, stopping to refuel at one of the tempting bars or cafes along the way. Tallin simply exudes ambience and fairytale charm.

Tallinn attractions not to miss:


Ljubljana City in Winter | Slovenia

A new on our radar is the stunning capital of Slovenia, Lubljana. Despite being the country’s largest city, it is also very green and leafy, rather like one great big park. It was actually awarded “green Capital of Europe; in 2016 by the European Commission. Much to the joy of walkers and cyclists, traffic is restricted in the centre of town and like many European destinations, Ljubljana offers beautiful architecture, quaint surroundings and scenery that wouldn’t look out of place in a story book.

Ljubljana attractions not to miss:

And if your schedule allows, you MUST take a tour out to the postcard-perfect Lake Bled

For ideas on where to stay and the latest prices check out TripAdvisors 10 best Ljubljana hotels


San Giorgio Maggiore | Venice

Last but by NO means least and probably one of the most magical winter breaks you could ever take is to the romantic Italian city of Venice. One of the most enchanting places on earth, Venice is a dream trip at any time of year but the mystery and magic that surrounds La Serenissima in winter will really set the mood for your trip. It’s also such a great time to visit as the summer crowds have gone and you an experience life in Venice a bit more peacefully and really get to know the place and its people. The festive season adds a special atmosphere to Venice and it’s almost slightly eerie as the winter mist rolls in, wrapping itself around the city’s streets and canals.

Burano Island | Venice

Feel free to just wander around getting swept up in the magic, stopping for a drink or a bite to eat. Venice will cast a spell over you, leaving you wanting to return again and again. If you do want to do some sight-seeing, don’t miss a visit out to the nearby islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello

Venice attractions & tours not to miss:

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