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You’ll Feel On Top Of The World in Ireland!

Aeial View of Dublin, Ireland
Aeial View of Dublin, Ireland

The Emerald Isle may boast forty shades of green but I’ll let you into a little secret… there’s a whole rainbow of colours and delights to provide a feast for your senses. From lush flora to striking, rugged coastlines and pretty towns and cities, Ireland is just stunning and its natural beauty alone is worth the trip….or you could just go for the craic and the Guinness!

For first time visitors to Ireland, Belfast and Dublin are obvious choices to whet your appetite for this wonderful, fascinating country and might kick start a lifelong passion for ‘across the water’.

photo credit: City Hall Belfast via photopin (license)
photo credit: City Hall Belfast via photopin (license)

Let us take you from North to South, discovering plenty along the way. Belfast, Northern Ireland’s industrious capital is a modern, vibrant city that has blossomed from humble beginnings. Today it is packed with cultural attractions, great shopping and world-class bars and restaurants…as well as an impressive arts scene. It also has some of the friendliest people on the planet, helping to make your visit even more memorable.

2016 is a great year to visit as it’s Belfast’s Year of Food and Drink. Foodies can enjoy 366 days of delicious celebrations. Each month will be dedicated to a different aspect of eating and drinking so you will definitely find something to suit every palate… all year round!

Belfast’s rich and turbulent history means there’s some great (and often tragic) stories to be told but these stories make up the tapestry of the city and you’ll be able to learn more about them in the many museums and tours available. A great way of packing in the highlights of is on the Belfast City Sight Seeing Tour Bus that takes in everything you’d ever want to see and know about the city.

Dark Hedge, Ballymoney, Belfast
Dark Hedge, Ballymoney, Belfast

Belfast Top Attractions:

St Patrick's day 2015, Dublin, Ireland via photopin (license)
St Patrick’s day 2015, Dublin, Ireland via photopin (license)

If you fancy the Republic of Ireland then your first stop has to be Dublin. The capital lies on the banks of the River Liffey and Dublin’s fair city is just teeming with bars, restaurant and quirky live music venues and a must for any visitor is the famous Temple Bar district. Here you’ll experience the vibrant daily life of visitors and locals alike. Listen to buskers as you wander the city streets soaking up the friendly atmosphere. March is a fine time to visit .You might want to check out the St Patrick’s Day celebrations that fall on and around 17 March. There’s sure to be fun and merriment galore as the natives celebrate the life of their beloved patron saint. The St Patrick’s Festival is taking place between 17-20 March this year. Watch out as some of Dublin’s most iconic buildings ‘go green’ in the spirit of the weekend’s festivities. You might even find yourself drinking a green pint! The city is transformed into one big four-day party and everyone’s invited. St Patrick’s Day seems to ignite a real sense of pride in the locals and makes the rest of us wish we were Irish!

However, there’s more to Dublin than just shamrocks and Guinness – the city and the surrounding area is steeped in folklore and history just waiting to be discovered by all who land on these shores.

Dublin Castle, Ireland
Dublin Castle, Ireland

Dublin Attractions:

  • Trinity College and The Book of Kells
  • Kilmainham Gaol
  • National Gallery of Ireland
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Dublin Castle
  • Dublin Zoo
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • National Botanic Gardens

Head to Ireland this year and you’ll have the time of your life…north or south you’ll certainly come back with some fine memories and even greater stories!