Travelling Solo: Safety First

Travelling Solo: Safety First

13/05/2016 Off By tripsology

In the fast-paced and adventurous 21st century society we live in, going on holiday on your own is popular. Everyone is doing it.

We are encouraged more than ever to be independent – there’s a great big world out there just waiting to be explored…we can’t always rely on others for that! Whether you’re a gap year student, hoping to work abroad,planning a sabbatical or dreaming of a peaceful trip away for some much needed ‘me time’, tripsology is here for you.

Our social travel network helps you meet fellow adventurous travellers before you go, pick up handy travel tips from experiences travellers, and create a safer environment for yourself before you even set off.

Solo travel needn't be scary if you follow our top tips!

Solo travel needn’t be scary if you follow our top tips!

With a few helpful tips from the tripsology community, solo travel doesn’t have to seem so scary. We’ve put together our top travel safety tips to show you how safe the world can be for solo travellers when you take steps to protect yourself.

tripsology Solo Travel Tips to Stay Safe

1. Research your destination in advance

Make yourself aware of the areas to avoid and local customs you’ll be expected to abide by. There is no substitution for local savvy, so make sure you are as clued up as possible before you set off.

2. Don’t accept drinks from strangers

This is a no brainer but you shouldn’t be tempted. Just don’t. It’s not worth it. Also we recommend not leaving your drink unattended either. Tourists are often targeted and if you are smart about it then you won’t be caught out.

3. Never carry all your money 

Keep stashes of money in different places, and never carry all of your money on your person. Where possible, take advantage of secure safes in hostels or apartment buildings.

4. Drink carefully

Sorry to sound like a nagging parent but try not to get blind drunk and attempt to navigate back to where you’re staying alone. Always make sure you have enough cash for a cab if needs be, and make sure you know your address. This last point might sound silly, but if you’re on a multi-destination trip, it can be easy to forget.

5. Talk to People

Create a safer environment for yourself by befriending other travellers staying in your hostel or apartment. The more people you know, the more likely you are to get help and support when you need it. tripsology can even find you future friends before you go, and give you the chance to meet up with them in advance.

6. Don’t be scared to say no

As a solo traveller, you may find the attention you get from the locals a little intense. Learn how to say ‘no thank you’ and ‘absolutely not’ in the local language, and note down local police numbers in your phone. You will probably never need them, but just having them will give you the confidence to relax and make the most of your trip.


I suppose the biggest perceived downside to traveling alone is loneliness. But take a few great books and your favourite music, and know this: travelling alone, you are your own master. You can do WHATEVER you want! There is no one else to work your itinerary around or keep happy. You have utter freedom to make of your trip whatever you want. So keep safe and get going! The world is literally your oyster.