Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Week

Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Week

18/02/2019 Off By Lucy McCausland

Fashion Month: Fashion Week Guide

Fashion Week is HUGE. So many people travel from all over the world to get a piece of the action, and brush up on their fashion styles for the season ahead! But, what if you’re a complete fashion week newbie and still want to be in the know? Well…look no further. This is your guide to Fashion Week.


Fashion Week

What is Fashion Week?

As the streets of Milan, New York, London and Paris fill with fashion lovers…some of us are left scratching our heads wondering, “what is fashion week?”

It’s an industry event for buyers, editors, bloggers and reports to get a glimpse of top designers showing their latest collections, as well as new designers making their fashion debut. Buyers can place orders after the shows for the season ahead and the fashion editors and bloggers can make sure they are staying relevant with the new season’s must-have items.

Where is Fashion Week?

All over the world, there are different types of Fashion Week events but the best known are the “Big Four”; London, New York, Milan and Paris. Each is said to have a unique style of fashion being shown at the events, meaning that fashion industry professionals can choose the most appropriate event for their brand.

When is Fashion Week?

It seems like there is always a Fashion Week around the corner because each season, of course, needs new runway exposure to the press and industry experts. This means that every February you can see the Fall/Winter collection and then in September the Spring/Summer collections are showcased.

Here are the dates for Fashion Week 2019:

  • New York Fashion Week: 8th February – 16th February
  • London Fashion Week: 15th February – 19th February
  • Milan Fashion Week: 19th February – 25th February
  • Paris Fashion Week: 25th February – 5th March
  • New York Fashion Week: 6th September – 14th September
  • London Fashion Week: 13th September – 17th September
  • Milan Fashion Week: 17th September – 23rd September
  • Paris Fashion Week: 23rd September – 1st October

Who can go to Fashion Week?

People from the fashion industry travel all over the world to attend these events as they are mostly invite only but sometimes you might be lucky to attend a show that is open-to-public. These shows are notorious for having celeb lined front rows and some of the best in the business in attendance…make sure you get there early!

If you’re looking to secure a ticket for yourself then sometimes people get lucky by reaching out to brand PR team months ahead of the event to inquire. Apart from that, you can always take part in the parties and events during fashion week in the city!

What to wear to Fashion Week?

The beauty of Fashion Week is that you can show your own fashion – anything goes. In reality, all eyes are on the runway but you might turn some heads with your own personal style too.

What can you do apart from Fashion Shows at Fashion Week?

You can always explore the city by trying local delicacies or booking yourself onto local tours to really discover somewhere and something new. You should make the most of the opportunity of being in the city during Fashion Week by staying near the event venues, maybe even spotting a celeb or two!

Fashion fills the streets in these cities, people take inspiration not only from the designs in the shows but also the fashion choices of the audience!
‘Go to a Fashion Show’ should definitely be added to my travel bucket list…